Which GTA 4 missions unlock each island?

Liberty City is where it all began (Image via Sportskeeda)
Liberty City is where it all began (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 4 players can explore various islands in Liberty City, but most of them are locked by missions.

At the beginning of the game, Niko Bellic starts a new life at Broker. It's a relatively poor area that serves as a tutorial for Liberty City. Along with the affluent Dukes, these are the only places the player can visit. They cannot access the remaining islands until they progress through the story.

There are three unlockable islands in GTA 4. These are Bohan, Algonquin, and Alderney. The news states that criminal activities have forced the bridges to close. In reality, the game doesn't want players to explore the entire city yet. Players have to go through the story missions first.

GTA 4 missions needed to unlock each in-game island


GTA 4 players can try to sneak into nearby islands. However, they will gain a wanted level upon doing so. Liberty City is a fun place to explore. The player just needs to be patient.

How to unlock Bohan


This multicultural district is one of the poorest in the game. A lot of criminal activity takes place here. It's also the smallest island in GTA 4.

Players will gain access once they complete The Cousins Bellic. After a series of calamitous events, both Niko and Roman are forced into hiding. Their Broker safehouse and taxi depot were burned to the ground. As a result, they took shelter in a run down apartment.

How to unlock Algonquin


The GTA 4 website describes Algonquin as the "center of everything." It's the largest island in the entire game. GTA 4 players can check out various landmarks, along with a variety of locations. It has everything from commercial to residential places. Algonquin offers plenty of activity.

Players can unlock the area after the mission Blow Your Cover. Roman's insurance money finally kicks in as he buys an expensive property. Luck is finally turning around for the Bellic cousins.

How to unlock Alderney


The final island to unlock is Alderney. It's a mixture of residential homes and industrial factories. Due to technical reasons, Alderney is missing from the Chinatown Wars game.

GTA 4 players must complete the famous bank heist, Three Leaf Clover. Most of the final missions take place on this island. Players will be near the endgame once they arrive in Alderney.

Risks of exploring locked islands


GTA 4 is one of the last games in the series to lock areas. Rockstar got rid of this concept in GTA 5. Since the early days, players have been unable to explore certain areas. They first had to complete story missions.

If a player tries to explore a little too early, they will raise their wanted levels. It will stay for the duration of their visit. Players would have to escape the island to get rid of it. Otherwise, they risk getting wasted by police.

Some players might consider it a challenge. They want to see how long they can survive. In that case, they need to bring some weapons and body armor.

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