Why cheat codes play an important role in the popularity of the GTA games

The flying car cheat is one of the wackiest cheats in GTA San Andreas (Image via Gold Prime, YouTube)
The flying car cheat is one of the wackiest cheats in GTA San Andreas (Image via Gold Prime, YouTube)

One of the most appealing aspects of GTA games is the freedom they provide in their open-world settings. This aspect is further amplified through the use of cheats, often resulting in hilarious moments.

Cheat codes have been present in every GTA game ever made. These can range from simple gameplay hacks to crazy alterations to the game world. Some of these can turn out to be quite useful, while others are simply for fun.

It is hard to find a player who has never used a cheat code in a GTA game. In fact, using these is an appealing aspect of the games themselves. This article explores how and why cheats have been so important in the franchise.

Why are cheat codes so crucial to the success of GTA games?

In most games, using cheat codes or trainers is seen as cheating. This is not always the case in GTA games. While some cheats are definitely used in easing the gameplay, many other cheats add to the entertainment value.

Such is the case in most GTA games, especially the 3D Universe trilogy. These games had some of the most bizarre and fun cheats in the entire series. Since the 3D trilogy was responsible for GTA's dominance in the game industry, it also defined how cheating was perceived in the series.

GTA San Andreas had a jetpack in the game, which could also be accessed with cheats. This turned out to be quite useful, as the jetpack could help players get out of many perilous situations. GTA 4 missed out entirely on the fun cheats and only featured the utilitarian ones.It had cheats like health and armor, weapons, and vehicle spawns.

GTA 5 reintroduced some entertaining cheats like explosive punch, super jump, and other ones from previous games. Cheats are usually dependent on what is already available in the game. Unlike mods, they cannot change the gameplay any more than what was intended.

This is also why GTA San Andreas is considered to have the best cheats in the series. Its missions and features were much more diverse than any other game. By comparison, later games in the HD Universe weren't as varied.

Fans would be delighted if Rockstar brought back the fun factor in cheat codes from previous games and implemented them in GTA 6. After all, it is impossible to think of playing a GTA title without using cheat codes.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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