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Why players should avoid buying the Tezeract in GTA Online in 2021

Image via GTAbase
Image via GTAbase
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Much like how things have progressed in real life, GTA Online has also seen the advent of electric-powered hypercars. The age of the gas-guzzling beast is all but over, replaced by sleek hypercars powered by electricity.

Once upon a time, the loudest, most non-environmentally conscious engine would reign supreme and dominate the roads. However, electric cars now present a decent enough option for GTA Online players as well.

Cars like the Tezeract not only look great but also back it up with an equally powerful engine that can destroy lap times. However, coming in at $2,825,000, is the Tezeract really worth it?

While the design of the car is definitely one that turns heads, the Tezeract can feel like a lot of bark with not enough bite. If players are in the market for an environmentally-conscious electric-powered car, they should be looking at other options.

Buying the Tezeract in GTA Online in 2021


The Tezeract is one of the most expensive cars in GTA Online at $2,825,000. While that isn't the most ludicrous of amounts for a car, for reference, these are some alternatives players can buy for that amount:

  • Progen Emerus
  • Grotti Furia
  • Grotti X80 Proto
  • Lampadati Tigon

The reason for the comparison is that almost every vehicle on that list can outperform the Tezeract in a race. The difference really comes in because of the fact that it is powered by electricity.

But as it stands, there is no added bonus in GTA Online for driving an electric car. Therefore, it really doesn't make sense to drop a couple million dollars on something that can be outperformed by a lot many in its class.


Unlike other vehicles that are electric, the Tezeract has an extremely slow pickup, meaning that its acceleration is extremely poor initially. While it eventually picks up momentum and hits its top speed, the time lost at the start can weigh pretty heavily on the rest of the race.

In terms of performance, if the player is willing to spend just a little bit more, then the Rocket Voltic should be a far better option. Better yet, the players should look to save money and either buy an Oppressor MKII or a Toreador, as they both serve a lot of utility to players in GTA Online.

The Rocket Voltic presents a good alternative should the player be looking for a powerful electric car. However, apart from the novelty, there is not much to electric cars in GTA Online.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 11:52 IST
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