Why did Remy Brown get banned from GTA 5 RP server NoPixel?

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GTA 5 RP has become the top choice for streaming, and the NoPixel server has been getting the most attention.

From the most entertaining streamers to the most publicized bans on popular ones, NoPixel has consistently been in the headlines this year. Most servers have strict rules, which are strictly enforced, and NoPixel is no exception. While the permanent ban on xQc has been the biggest drama on the server so far, whosremz is the latest streamer to be handed a permanent ban.

This article explains why whosremz was banned from NoPixel and why his fans won't see his character Remy Brown anytime soon.

Who is Remy Brown?

Ollie, better known as whosremz on Twitch, is a GTA 5 RP streamer from Birmingham, UK. He roleplays the character Remy Brown, the youngest member of The Mandem, considered one of their best shooters. He is nicknamed Table Tennis by the group.

The Mandem is a British gang on NoPixel consisting of British roleplayers like Zerkaa and KhaosAdam. They have got themselves involved in many criminal activities and feuds in the short time they have been operating.

Why was Remy Brown banned?

NoPixel has a lot of rules, and they are quite stringent when it comes to enforcing them. Some rules are universal to most servers, and it is one of those rules that whosremz broke.

Age Limit

GTA 5 and GTA Online is an age-restricted game where players have to be 18 years of age or above to play. On a roleplaying server such as NoPixel, it is the server admins' duty to ensure that players on their server are above this age limit.

While the characters themselves are allowed to roleplay as teens to portray realistic aspects of gang recruitment, the streamers themselves have to be of age to play on the GTA 5 RP server. whosremz broke this rule by lying to the admins about his age. When his lie was discovered, he was promptly handed a permanent ban.

Ollie turned 17 last week and lied to the server admins about his age while joining the server. Fans of whoseremz will have to wait almost a year to see him back with GTA 5 RP, though it is unclear if he will ever be allowed back into NoPixel.

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