Why is Rockstar nerfing the Oppressor Mk2 in GTA Online?

The Oppressor Mk2 is getting a nerf in GTA Online soon (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Oppressor Mk2 is getting a nerf in GTA Online soon (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online is getting a new summer DLC update from Rockstar Games, bringing new gameplay features and tweaks, including the most-requested nerf on the Oppressor Mk2.

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk2 is a custom hoverbike introduced in GTA Online with the 2018's After Hours update. Since then, players have complained about it being overpowered and requested the developers to nerf the vehicle. Finally, Rockstar released a statement on July 7 saying that the upcoming summer update will reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle’s homing missiles and countermeasures.

Here's why the Oppressor Mk2 is considered an overpowered vehicle in GTA Online.

Why is Oppressor Mk2 considered overpowered in GTA Online?

1) Homing Missiles


Oppressor MK2 has a far more outstanding homing performance and range compared to missiles launched from other assault vehicles or the Homing Launcher available in the game. This makes it hard to evade the missiles launched from the vehicle.

Although its rocket launchers only have a limited ammo capacity of 20 missiles, players can replenish it quickly by parking the vehicle in their Terrorbyte. As the latter is mandatory for owning the Oppressor Mk2, everyone who owns the vehicle has this overpowered ability by default.

2) Powerful Machine Guns


The Oppressor Mk2 is equipped with two front-machine guns, just like the regular Oppressor, Blazer Aqua, and the Ruiner 2000. Its machine guns have more than decent firepower against players as well as vehicles with light armor. It also gives players the ability to equip explosive rounds with machine guns and make them more lethal.

However, the vehicle’s hovering capabilities make it very difficult to avoid getting hit by machine guns as the vehicle can rain from the sky.

3) Speed


When the vehicle was released into the game, it could move at unmatchable speeds like the pre-patch Deluxo. A top speed of 180+ mph could be reached by keeping the vehicle in reverse and pitching it up and down at equal intervals.

The bug was eventually fixed with the Arena War update of the game, but the hoverbike still has a rocket booster and a competent top speed. It makes it very easy for players to keep up with the targets and refill vehicle’s rockets back at Terrorbyte quickly.

4) Agility


The Oppressor Mk2’s size and agility are another major concern for many players in GTA Online. Not only is the vehicle fast and devastating in power, but it is also agile, making it very difficult to land an attack on it.

The countermeasures available on the vehicle take it a step further, even if one were to hit it. This would have been fine if not for the hoverbike’s ability to fire ridiculously accurate missiles.

5) Difficult to counter


The Oppressor Mk2 is difficult to counter in the game. Players must resort to explosive sniper rounds, armored vehicles, or an impeccable aim ability to traverse the map.

To counter the Oppressor Mk2 in GTA Online, players must have significant capital to invest in the right equipment, such as Deluxo or Toreador, to even stand a chance against it. In most cases, the only vehicle capable of countering the Oppressor Mk2 is another Mk2, as no other vehicle is diverse enough to compete toe to toe with it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Rockstar Games community for their unmatched enthusiasm and support, and provide the latest on what’s to come this summer and beyond:

Fans can rejoice as Rockstar finally listens to the feedback and will be nerfing the vehicle with the upcoming update. It will also introduce some new additions, features, and gameplay changes as the developers are committed to improving the game.

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