Widowmaker vs Minigun in GTA Online: Which gun is better and why?

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 06 Apr 2021

In a game where the biggest gun essentially rules the yard, players need to be able to get their hands on powerful weaponry early on in GTA Online. Whether hopping about in Freemode or participating in any of the numerous Adversary Modes and Deathmatches, players will need a solid loadout to survive.

Living up to the reputation of the rest of the franchise, GTA Online makes no compromises when it comes to wanton violence and over-the-top weapons. The player has a wide range of guns to choose from, of all shapes, sizes, and even colors.

When it comes to big guns with seemingly infinite rounds of ammunition, few can compare to the Minigun or the Widowmaker in GTA Online. These two absolute brutes might appear very much of the same ilk. But here, we take a look at what makes them different and which one is better suited for use in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Widowmaker or Minigun in GTA Online?


The Minigun has been a regular fixture of the GTA franchise ever since its earliest days, and it is quite easy to see why. It is a large machine gun that can fire bullets faster than any other gun in the game, with each round making quite the dent.

Few vehicles, armored or not, can stand up to the Minigun's wrath as it tears through just about anything it comes in contact with. Depending on the strength of the armor, some vehicles might be able to withstand the onslaught of the Minigun, but it is an absolute death sentence while on foot.

The 3000 rounds per minute make it an extremely lethal weapon to go up against. And the fact that it does not need to be reloaded makes it very dangerous. Instead of reloading, the gun is capped at the maximum number of rounds (9999), should the player's shooting stats be maxed out.

However, the biggest drawback with the Minigun is the fact that it essentially renders its user extremely vulnerable. Equipping a Minigun in GTA Online takes away the player's ability to sprint, jump or roll, which makes them quite an easy target in the game.


  1. No reload
  2. High rate of fire
  3. Decent damage


  1. No evasive rolls
  2. Slows down the player considerably


The Widowmaker is essentially a four-barrelled plasma variant of the Minigun with a similar rate of fire and ammunition capacity. Compared to the Minigun, the Widowmaker might have a lesser rate of fire, owing to the former being a six-barrelled machine gun.

Ultimately, the Widowmaker is essentially a re-skin of the Minigun with a space-themed color scheme. It uses the same kind of ammunition without reloads and has a similar impact on vehicles and enemies.

The biggest difference-maker ultimately comes down to the Widowmaker being priced at $499,000, while the Minigun costs $47,000. What separates the two is that the latter is unlocked only after Level 120, whereas the Widowmaker is unlocked early on in GTA Online.


  1. High rate of fire
  2. Decent against vehicles and aircrafts
  3. Unlocked early in the game


  1. Very expensive
  2. Low mobility (no rolls and sprint)


For all intents and purposes, there is not much that separates the two guns in GTA Online apart from their pricing and appearance. If the player is looking to purchase a heavy weapon early on in the game, they would be better off waiting until they are in Rank 120 so they can purchase the Minigun for $47,000.

Spending half a million on the Widowmaker while starting out in the game is quite a reckless purchase, as the player can buy tons of more useful items for the same price.

Published 06 Apr 2021
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