xQc reflects on his latest ban from GTA RP server NoPixel

xQc was banned permanently from GTA RP server NoPixel recently (image via xQcOW, Twitch)
xQc was banned permanently from GTA RP server NoPixel recently (image via xQcOW, Twitch)

Popular Twitch streamer and GTA roleplayer Felix "xQc'" Lengyel has recently rubbed the NoPixel admins and players the wrong way after getting himself banned for the third time from the server.

After a drama-filled stream, xQc was handed a permanent ban following a "chat hopping" incident. xQc was believed to have encouraged toxic members of his chat to invade other streamers and members of GTA RP's NoPixel server.

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xQc responds to GTA RP ban on NoPixel servers

The drama began with xQc being given a heavy jail sentence for his transgressions on the server. Not agreeing with the decision, xQc was glad to hear that his fans were going to the in-game policeman's Twitch channels to protest the move.


Responding to the claims by stating that his chat is hopping, xQc exclaimed with a "thank god" and further defended his statement by saying:

"Don't blame chat hoppers for criticizing complete trashy behaviour. Don't do it, don't f***ing do it. It's like if I blamed chat hoppers for everybody that's against me all the time"

What followed was people invading other streamers' chat and then blaming every creator they believed was against xQc.


The entire saga was quite unpleasant, with tempers rising across the server and blame being thrown from player to player. xQc was eventually banned permanently from the server.


It is unclear whether or not xQc will be able to work the situation out with the NoPixel admins. As of now, it seems that GTA RP will be short on one player.

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