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PKL Auction 2021 Highlights of Day 2: Pardeep Narwal signed for record sum of ₹1.65 Crore; Siddharth Desai second-costliest at ₹1.3 Crore to Telugu Titans

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 30, 2021 21:48 IST

Rahul Chaudhari earns just ₹40 lakh from Pune; Deepak Hooda re-signed by Jaipur for ₹55 lakh


21:48 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Check out the best of reactions on social media after Pardeep Narwal was signed for a record-breaking price! 😮😮

21:22 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Remaining Purses for all 12 franchises going into Day 3 of PKL Auction 2021

Jaipur Pink Panthers - 2.06 Cr
Haryana Steelers - 1.89 Cr
Dabang Delhi KC - 1.88 Cr
Bengal Warriors - 1.81 Cr
U Mumba - 1.80 Cr
Puneri Paltan - 1.74 Cr
Patna Pirates - 1.63 Cr
Tamil Thalaivas - 1.58 Cr
Gujarat Giants - 1.54 Cr
Telugu Titans - 1.29 Cr
Bengaluru Bulls - 1.22 Cr
UP Yoddha - 0.87 Cr

21:21 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Phew! What a roller-coaster ride today has been! Surprises, steals, bidding wars - we were treated to all on Day 2 of the Pro Kabaddi League Auction 2021! After a riveting day in the auction room, a majority of the franchises will go back content with their purchases. 

Defending champions Bengal Warriors and U Mumba had a quiet day, picking up only a foreign player each. On the other hand, Tamil Thalaivas roped in some big names. Puneri Paltan had an impressive Day 2, picking up some Bhaari players for their side while the Bengaluru Bulls did plenty of shopping as well. 

In the last few moments of Day 2, Dabang Delhi KC sprung up and acquired the services of Sandeep Narwal while the Gujarat Giants strengthened their defence. The Haryana Steelers picked up Rohit Gulia for ₹83 lakhs. Jaipur Pink Panthers used both their FBM Cards to retain Deepak Hooda and Sandeep Dhull for another season. 

However, it was Pardeep Narwal who stole the show with a record-breaking bid of ₹1.60 Crores. Narwal will be seen in action for UP Yoddha, who went on to complement Narwal's purchase with an FBM used on Shrikant Jadhav. The Telugu Titans picked up some big names including the likes of Siddharth Desai and Rohit Kumar. Patna Pirates, in the absence of Pardeep Narwal now, opted for Sachin Tanwar and Prashanth Kumar Rai to handle their raiding department. 

Right then, that wraps up our coverage for Day 2. Do join us back tomorrow morning as the remaining Category B players will be auctioned along with Categories C and D as well. Until tomorrow then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, along with Prasen Moudgal, Gaurav and Mohamed Farzan bidding you adieu! Stay home and stay safe!

21:14 (IST)30 AUG 2021

List of Domestic Category B All-Rounders sold in the PKL Auction 2021

Vikas Jaglan - Haryana Steelers (20 Lakhs)
Sandeep Narwal - Dabang Delhi KC (60 Lakhs)

21:03 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Sandeep Narwal is up next and the burly all-rounder has been snapped up by the Dabang Delhi KC for ₹60 lakhs!

The feisty right corner man will turn up for the PKL Season 7 finalists Dabang Delhi KC!

21:02 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Manjeet Chhillar fails to find a franchise as he goes UNSOLD!!

21:01 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Next up with Ran Singh and the experienced campaigner does not find any bidders. UNSOLD!

21:00 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Vikas Jaglan has been sold to the Haryana Steelers for ₹20 lakhs!

21:00 (IST)30 AUG 2021

This is a surprise! We thought that was the end of the day but the auction continues! So stay tuned !

21:00 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Category B all-rounders going under the hammer next!

20:52 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Shrikant Jadhav will play for the UP Yoddha as they exercise their FBM Card after the Paltan raised the winning bid of ₹72 lakhs.

UP Yoddha have expectedly used their FBM card and now have the partnership of Pardeep Narwal and Shrikant Jadhav in their raiding unit!

20:51 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Paltan better their own bid to ₹72 lakhs without any counter from the rival team

20:50 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The bid is now at ₹70 lakhs from the Puneri Paltan

20:50 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Paltan have now raised the bid to ₹65 lakhs after Jaipur countered their previous bid

20:49 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Puneri Paltan raise the bid to ₹55 lakhs!

20:49 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Bengaluru Bulls raise the bid to ₹45 lakhs!

20:48 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Bulls and Puneri Paltan have taken over as they are bidding aggressively for Jadhav

20:48 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Titans and the Pink Panthers are bidding for the raider from Maharashtra!

20:47 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Last Category A raider on offer and it is Shrikant Jadhav

20:47 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Patna Pirates acquire Sachin for ₹84 lakhs!

Gujarat Giants decide not to use their FBM option for their longtime raider and he will play for the Patna Pirates in PKL Season 8.

20:44 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The bid stands at ₹75 lakhs with UP Yoddha.

Jaipur had swooped in late at 80 Lakhs but Pirates keep going!

20:44 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Jaipur Pink Panthers seemed to have cooled off their interest in the Rajasthan lad Sachin Tanwar.

20:43 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Patna Pirates raise the bid to ₹50 lakhs and UP Yoddha better that with a bid of ₹55 lakhs

4-way battle on the cards here for Sachin!

20:43 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Sachin's name has sparked an interest from the Pink Panthers, UP Yoddha and Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates enter the bidding as well

20:42 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Next player up is Sachin Tanwar

20:41 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Prashanth Kumar Rai finds a new home for season 8 as he moves to the Patna Pirates for ₹55 lakhs

20:41 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Pirates are back in at 55 Lakhs

20:40 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Pink Panthers and the Bulls are engaged in a bidding war as the bid crossed ₹50 lakhs

20:40 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Patna Pirates have raised the bid to ₹40 lakhs after Gujarat got a bid in

20:39 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Prashanth Kumar Rai is up next and the Pirates open the bidding at ₹30 lakhs

20:38 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Chandran Ranjit will don the Bengaluru Bulls jersey in season 8 as they acquire him for ₹80 lakhs!

The Delhi franchise denies the option to exercise their FBM and now Ranjit will pair up with the High Flyer Pawan Sherawat for the Bulls!

20:38 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Bulls bid ₹80 lakh for Ranjit after Jaipur sneaked in a bid

20:37 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Bulls have raised the bid to ₹75 lakhs after a bid from Patna

20:37 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Patna Pirates join the bidding as the Bulls raise it further to ₹65 lakhs!

20:36 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Bulls raise the bid to ₹60 lakhs! Now Patna have joined the race as well!

20:36 (IST)30 AUG 2021

U Mumba have joined the bidding 

20:36 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Chandran Ranjit is up next and the Bulls open the bidding

20:35 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Rohit Kumar has been acquired by the Telugu Titans for ₹36 lakhs!

The Bulls do not use their FBM Card for their former skipper. Surprising to see a lack of interest for the reliable Rohit Kumar!

20:34 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Pirates have joined the bidding for the raider

20:33 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Telugu Titans raise their paddle at the last moment 

20:33 (IST)30 AUG 2021

No interest from the franchises for Rohit Kumar

20:32 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The first player after the break is Rohit Kumar

20:32 (IST)30 AUG 2021

Last five raiders from the Category A coming up! Some strong names like Shrikant Jadhav, Prashant Kumar Rai and Rohit Kumar in the running.

20:29 (IST)30 AUG 2021

List of Domestic Category A Raiders sold so far in the PKL Auction 2021

K Prapanjan -
Tamil Thalaivas (₹71 lakhs)
Siddharth Sirish Desai -
Telugu Titans (FBM - ₹1.3 Crores)
Rahul Chaudhari -
Puneri Paltan (₹40 Lakhs)
Pardeep Narwal -
UP Yoddha (₹1.65 Crores) - All-time PKL Record
Manjeet -
Tamil Thalaivas (₹92 Lakhs)

20:24 (IST)30 AUG 2021

SOLD! Tamil Thalaivas acquire the services of Manjeet for ₹92 lakhs!

The Puneri Paltan decide against using their RTM Card for Manjeet who will turn out for the Tamil Thalaivas in PKL Season 8. A strong partnership on the cards with K Prapanjan in the team as well!

20:23 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The bid stands at ₹92 lakh with the Thalaivas

20:22 (IST)30 AUG 2021

The Bulls have made increments of ₹5 lakh consistently and have bid ₹80 lakh. Bulls and Pirates going all out for the lanky raider from Services!
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