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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (25th May 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 26, 2020 03:37 GMT

Is Drew McIntyre getting into a trap set by MVP and Bobby Lashley tonight on RAW?


03:10 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

03:02 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

03:01 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

03:01 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

03:00 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

After the match, Drew McIntyre rushes the ring and they begin to trade blows. McIntyre gets the best of Lashley until two NXT trainees break it up. A spear from Lashley cuts McIntyre in half. 

Lasley and the WWE Champion tear through the trainees again, but nearly a dozen men rush in to tear them apart. 

02:58 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Street Profits defeat Bobby Lashley & MVP via DQ.

02:58 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

The Profits hit MVP with the spinebuster and frog splash. Lashley runs in and breaks up the pin, shaking Ford around with the Full Nelson. since he's not the legal man, the Profits win by DQ. 

02:57 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

A single leg takedown into a flapjack plants MVP. Following a corkscrew crossbody, a facebuster drops MVP. Dawkins and Ford send Lashley into the barricade. 

02:56 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

MVP slings Ford shoulder first into the steps. Inside the ring, Ford breaks away from the hammerlock. Sidestepping the Player's Boot, Ford knocks MVP down with a right hand. Dawkins finally tags in and cleans house. 

02:54 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Back from the break, Lashley is manhandling Ford while Dawkins begs for the tag. 

02:54 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Back from the break, Lashley is manhandling Ford while Dawkins begs for the tag. 

02:53 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

On the bright side, at least Lashley isn't Braun Strowmaning the RAW Tag Team Champions. 

02:49 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Lashley drives Ford's head into the ring post in a fireman's carry position as we cut to break. 

02:49 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

MVP and Lashley take turns demolishing Ford. However, Ford escapes a stalling suplex, finally tagging in Angelo Dawkins. 

Ford immediately tags back in and gets blasted off of the apron by Lashley, sending him into the barricade. 

02:47 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Ford toys with Lashley but gets sent to the ground with a shoulder block. Ford's speed can't keep him away from the former Intercontinental Champion. A flatliner gives Lashley a near fall. 

02:46 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Montez Ford is starting this main event match off against Bobby Lashley. Probably should've started with Dawkins..

02:46 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Next week, the WWE Universe will witness Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony. 

02:45 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:44 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:40 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Liv Morgan cuts a promo on her life leading up to WWE, the struggles she went through, and what it meant for her to finally make it to her dream job. Morgan hasn't picked up a ton of wins, but since returning has become one of the breakout stars for RAW. 

02:35 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Flair comments on "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" and gives his guess on who will come out on top. The Nature Boy says that since he retired, the #1 wrestler in the world has, and will continue to be, Randy Orton. He's picking the Viper. 

02:34 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Next up is a message from the GOAT, Ric Flair. 

02:32 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:31 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:28 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

R-Truth vows to get his 24/7 Championship back from Rob Gronkowski. Gronk responds saying that he's used to being ready for a fight at any moment, and he's got eyes in the back of his head. 

02:21 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:20 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:19 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Nia Jax defeats Natalya via pinfall. 

02:18 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Flair locks Nattie in the Figure-4 but is hit with the leg drop from Nia. Her Samoan Drop finally plants Nattie, giving her the win after an incredible war between three of Asuka's top contenders. 

02:18 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:17 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Jax makes it to the top for a superplex. Nattie joins in, powerbombing Jax all the way down. 

02:16 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Natalya traps Flair in the Sharpshooter, but Jax, after nearly a minute, breaks it up. The Samoan Drop is broken up again, with Flair rocking Jax with a big boot. 

Flair dumps Nattie to the floor and goes for the moonsault again. Jax makes it to her feet, blasting Flair with a series of headbutts. 

02:15 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Natalya takes Flair down with a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Jax takes out both competitors and crashes into them in the corner with a body splash. She attempts to hit the Samoan Drop on both women, but they hold onto the ropes. 

Natalya gets taken out, and Flair hits the knee drop on Jax's leg. The Figure-4 is locked in. Charlotte turns it into the Figure-8, but Natalya dropkicks Flair's legs to break it up. 

02:13 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Asuka is CLEARLY cheering for Natalya. Flair goes up top for a moonsault and lands right on Jax. 1-2-No! Just a two-count. 

02:12 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Flair and Natalya work over one another, with Natalya getting the best of the Queen. Asuka sends Jax in for Natalya to take on. Jax counters a cross arm breaker with a powerbomb. 

Flair breaks up the pin with a big boot and nearly gets the win over Nattie. 

02:07 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Chops and elbows pelt Jax, but she catches a boot and nearly Samoan drops Nia off to the floor. Natalya blocks it, and she and Charlotte powerbomb Jax through the table. 

02:07 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Flair rolls up the turnbuckle to the apron but is yanked off, dropping her jaw first onto the side of the ring. Jax takes apart the table and catches Natalya running in for a baseball slide, turning her around and bouncing her head off the apron. 

Flair and Jax try to drive one another into the ringside with the top of the table. Jax wins that power struggle, leading to a brawl on the apron. 

02:05 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

"Boo Charlotte! Boo Charlotte!"

Words to live by. 

02:05 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Flair and Natalya dodge and work together to send Nia into the ring post before dumping her to the floor. There's a lot of history between Charlotte and Natalya, as they fought to crown the first-ever NXT Women's Champion years ago. 

02:04 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

The triple threat kicks off with Flair and Natalya getting destroyed by Nia Jax. The former RAW Women's Champion slams Natalya onto Charlotte, and nearly lands a leg drop on them both. 

02:02 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:02 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:02 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

02:00 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

Backstage, the Viking Raiders claim that, just like the basketball game, they let the Profits win tonight. The Profits said that they can choose the next "match." The Raiders ask if Montez and Angelo can bowl. 

MVP and Lashley come in, with MVP calling the RAW Tag Team Champions clowns, leading to a tag team match later on tonight.  

01:58 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

01:58 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

If you are wondering where Shayna Baszler is in all this...

01:53 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

01:53 (GMT)26 MAY 2020

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