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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (2nd November 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 03, 2020 09:53 IST

Will The Apex Predator become the prey on RAW tonight?


09:32 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:32 (IST)3 NOV 2020

That's it for today folks. WWE RAW was another amazing show and thanks for joining us. With that being said, I've been Anirban.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all your wrestling content. The full results will be posted here soon. 

09:30 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:30 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Randy Orton appears out of nowhere and hits the RKO on Drew McIntyre.

He poses with the title but The Fiend is heard and Randy looks scared as the show goes off the air. 

09:29 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:29 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Morrison hits the twisting neckbreaker, but McIntyre kicks out.

He then pushes Morrison into the ropes and Miz tags in. McIntyre throws Morrison out of the ring but Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

McIntyre kicks out.

Miz tries the It Kicks to get some control back, but McIntyre pushes Miz into Morrison and hits the Future Shock DDT.

McIntyre lines up the Claymore, but Morrison pulls Miz out. McIntyre hits the plancha on them and then hits Miz with a Claymore.

That's it.

Drew McIntyre defeats The Miz and John Morrison

09:27 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:26 (IST)3 NOV 2020

The Miz tags in and gets clotheslined and suplexed. McIntyre tosses The Miz as if he weighs nothing. He hits the neckbreaker and gets ready for the Claymore. He tries the Future Shock DDT but hits the Spinebuster instead. 

Morrison breaks it up with a standing Shooting Star Press. 

09:25 (IST)3 NOV 2020

McIntyre hits the blows to the chest of Morrison inspired by Sheamus. 

McIntyre is hung upside down, but he manages to launch Morrison from the top rope with a  German Suplex. 

09:24 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Morrison hits a slingshot twisting senton on McIntyre. McIntyre is pushed into the corner where The Miz chokes him. 

McIntyre gets up and hits the snapmare on Morrison. Morrison tries to go for the Starship Pain, but McIntyre pushes Morrison into the turnbuckle.

09:21 (IST)3 NOV 2020

They end him careening into the barricade and McIntyre is hurt. 

09:21 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Drew McIntyre throws Morrison across the ring. There is very little that Miz and Morrison have been able to do to McIntyre.

McIntyre drops The Miz with an elbow. Miz hits a big boot using the distraction by Morrison.

The Miz and Morrison send McIntyre shoulder-first into the post. 

09:18 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:17 (IST)3 NOV 2020

McIntyre dodges The Miz's dropkick and sweeps his leg and then hits the reverse alabama slam on the outside on Morrison, dropping him on The Miz. 

09:16 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:16 (IST)3 NOV 2020

The Miz comes in and gets a chop for his trouble. McIntyre hits an enormous throwing Suplex. 
He throws him around again and then throws Morrison into the ring. 

Miz attacks from behind and then manages to get the advantage. The numbers come into play. 

09:14 (IST)3 NOV 2020

John Morrison and Drew McIntyre battle as the Miz distracts McIntyre. Morrison attacks McIntyre from behind but McIntyre drops him with a big right and then chops his chest. 

09:13 (IST)3 NOV 2020

It's time for a handicap match.

Drew McIntyre vs The Miz and John Morrison

09:11 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:07 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:07 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Sheamus asks Drew if he wants to be the fifth man on the team. They are old friends from their independent scene days. 

Drew McIntyre says that it would make him happy but he wants to go after Randy. Sheamus says to contact him if he changes his mind. 

09:05 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Mustafa Ali says that no sin is forgiven until it's punished and hit a double slam on him. 

09:04 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Ricochet attacks but is subdued  by the numbers. 

09:04 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:04 (IST)3 NOV 2020

They take Tucker out and he's done with. Slapjack brings in Ricochet. He is surrounded by them. 

09:03 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:03 (IST)3 NOV 2020

09:03 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Tucker vs Ricochet

The match is set to take place now against a new-look Tucker.

Mustafa Ali is at ringside.

Ricochet hits Tucker with a big boot, but Tucker takes him down and hits a suplex. Ricochet this a Superkick and then the Recoil.

Ricochet defeats Tucker

Mustafa Ali looks on from the announce desk.

The rest of the RETRIBUTION join Mustafa Ali and surround Ricochet. T-bar throws Ricochet out of the ring. They then attack Tucker and maul him. 

08:58 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Backstage, Nikki Cross sees Alexa turned around and talks to her saying that she's stronger than this and needs to get away from The Fiend.

She turns Alexa around and backs away seeing her eyes. Alexa's eyes are in the colours of the Fiend. 

08:56 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Woods hits another DDT from the second rope but Alexander stops it. Kofi sends him out but Benjamin stops Kofi.
Woods goes for a kick but Benjamin rolls him up. Alexander and Benjamin hit the high kick and then the Paydirt for them to get the win over The New Day.

The Hurt Business defeat The New Day

08:54 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Shelton hits the Spinebuster for a near-fall. 

08:54 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:54 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Alexander hits the Michinoku Driver for a near-fall. Kinston stops the Neuralyzer and Woods tags in to hit the DDT on Benjamin for the near-fall. 

08:53 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:53 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Kofi manages to get the tag and hits the Boom Drop on Alexander. He hits a hurricanrana on Alexander and then stomps on him for a near-fall.  

08:49 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Woods has been isolated by Alexander and Benjamin. 

08:48 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:47 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:47 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Kofi hits a dropkick and brings Woods in. Woods takes out Alexander and then a high kick to Benjamin. 

He throws Benjamin to the apron, and then sends Alexander into the ropes. He slides off the back of Cedric and hits Benjamin with a dropkick. Alexander hits a big knee on Woods, and that changes things. 

08:45 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:45 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:45 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Shelton Benjamin hits Kingston and takes him down. Shelton hits Kingston with the kick to the face. 

08:44 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:44 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:44 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Woods and Kingston work on Cedric Alexander and hit him with a Double Facebuster.

08:39 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Cedric and Shelton want to challenge The New Day for the titles.

New Day reminds them that they will be facing Street Profits at Survivor Series, because they rock.


Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin vs The New Day

08:37 (IST)3 NOV 2020

08:37 (IST)3 NOV 2020

MVP says that Kofi lost the title in 8 seconds, but Kofi says that according to Lana, that's as long as Bobby can last for,. 

08:36 (IST)3 NOV 2020

Kofi Kingston reminds them that he has more titles than all of The Hurt Business alone. 
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