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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (4th November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 06, 2019 10:47 IST

RAW could be under threat from The Beast Incarnate and NXT!


10:47 (IST)6 NOV 2019

What did you think of the matches on Raw?

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09:36 (IST)5 NOV 2019

The results article will be up soon and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @SKProWrestling. 

Thank you again for following along and now... I am going to attempt that thing called sleep.

09:35 (IST)5 NOV 2019

And with that, I am done for the evening. Special thanks to Anirban for filling in for me while my laptop rebooted and to all of you for coming by and following along. I thought it was a pretty fun show, myself. I'm looking forward to next week. Heck, I'm looking forward to Wednesday to see what happens on NXT - which I'll be covering right here at SK like I did Raw tonight!

09:33 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Make sure you head over to Sportskeeda's WWE page and rank each of tonight's matches, OK? You'd totally be doing me a solid.

09:32 (IST)5 NOV 2019

So, let's take a look at the actual match results:

Kabuki Warriors defeat Natalya and Charlotte Flair
Buddy Murphy defeats Cedric Alexander
Andrade and Zelina Vega defeat Sin Cara and Catalina
The O.C. defeat the Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo
The Viking Raiders defeat the East Hampton Polo Boys
Seth Rollins defeats Adam Cole by DQ

09:31 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Keith Lee with a dive over the ropes!

And... that's the show.

09:30 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:29 (IST)5 NOV 2019

A handful of both Raw and NXT superstars are in the ring now, fighting away.

09:28 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Rollins jawjacking at Triple H and setting up for the Stomp...

And the Undisputed Era rush into to interfere.

Result: Seth Rollins defeats Adam Cole by DQ

09:27 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Rollins with a superplex and follows it up with a falcon arrow and STILL only gets a 2.

09:26 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Cole goes for the Last Shot, but Rollins dodges and gets the roll up.

Cole kicks out at 2.

09:26 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Cole is on his feet and nails Rollins with a running kick. Still only gets a 2-count.

Uh oh. The kneepad comes down.

09:24 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise and Rollins reverses it into a Buckle Bomb.

09:23 (IST)5 NOV 2019

ANOTHER superkick by Cole to counter Rollins' springboard attack off the ropes.

Superkick party, I guess.

09:22 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Now Rollins with a superkick and a 2-count.

09:22 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Back from break and a superkick by Cole leaves Rollins on the mat. Cole with a 2-count.

The two are now exchanging right hands.

09:19 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:19 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:18 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:18 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Seth tosses Cole into the security railing as the USA Network goes to commercial.

09:17 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Right hand by Rollins, followed by a clothesline that sends the NXT champion out of the ring.

Plancha by Rollins, who then tosses Cole back into the ring.

09:16 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Adam Cole and Seth Rollins lock up and Seth pushes him back against the ropes. Clean break from Rollins.

09:13 (IST)5 NOV 2019

NXT Champion Adam Cole makes his entrance, followed closely behind by Triple H.

09:12 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Here comes Seth Rollins!

I have no idea how this is going to end.

09:08 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Oh, crud, I nearly forgot....

Result: The Viking Raiders defeated the East Hampton Polo Boys

09:08 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:07 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole for the NXT Championship is next!

09:07 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:06 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:05 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:05 (IST)5 NOV 2019

The East Hampton Polo Boys are a couple of dudes in polo shirts and sweaters tied around their shoulders and while I was typing that the Viking Raiders won.

09:04 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Ha ha ha! The East Hampton Polo Boys are taking on the Viking Raiders!

09:03 (IST)5 NOV 2019

09:02 (IST)5 NOV 2019

We get another look at Brock Lesnar's Excellent Adventure through Raw, including Dio Madden taking an F5 through a table and Rey challenging Brock to a match at Survivor Series.

And that match is official! Rey vs Brock for the WWE Championship.

09:00 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:57 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:56 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:55 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Carrillo goes for a hurricanrana, AJ turns it into a powerbomb and gets the pin with his feet on the ropes.

Result: The O.C. defeats The Street Profits and Humbert Carrillo

08:54 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Carrillo with a moonsault on Styles and gets a 2.

ANOTHER moonsault! Pin attempt!

Anderson breaks it up.

08:52 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Anderson with the pin attempt and only gets a 2. 

Jerry Lawler reports that "Brock Lesnar did not leave this arena under his own power"


08:48 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:48 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:48 (IST)5 NOV 2019

The OC is currently dominant as the match has well and truly kicked off between them and the Street Profits. Luke Gallows has been a different beast after bringing back his NJPW face-paint and Montez Ford, isolated, is certainly feeling the pressure. 

08:39 (IST)5 NOV 2019

08:39 (IST)5 NOV 2019

Humberto says that "The Street Profits beat the O.C. two weeks ago on Raw!"

Montez Ford tells Humberto to say it in Spanish.

It... basically sounds the same in Spanish.
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