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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after Royal Rumble (27th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 28, 2020 04:21 GMT

What will be the aftermath of this year's Royal Rumble?


04:09 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

This was an excellent show and the ending only made it stronger. That's it for tonight! I've been Anirban and thanks for joining me today. Here are the quick results from the night. Stay tuned for the full results

Drew McIntyre defeats The OC
Rey Mysterio defeats MVP
Aleister Black defeats local talent
Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to retain the titles
Andrade retains the Championship, but Humberto retain s by DQ. 
Charlotte Flair wins against Asuka via DQ
Mojo Rawley defeats No Way Jose
R-Truth defeats Mojo Rawley for the 24/7 Title
Mojo Rawley defeats R-Truth
Liv Morgan defeats Lana
Erick Rowan defeats local jobber for the win

04:07 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Edge sells that chair shot like no one else.

04:07 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:06 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:06 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:05 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Orton almost stomps on the chair from the top rope while it holds Edge's neck in it. But no he stops. 

Orton hits the Con-Chair-To. 

This is bad. This is reminiscent of Triple H hitting Shawn Michaels on the back with the SledgeHammer at SummerSlam.

He walks away. 

04:02 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Orton picks up the chair and puts Edge's neck inside it. Don't do this.

04:01 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Randy's hearing the pesky voices in his head again.

04:01 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:01 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Orton brings out a steel chair and hits Edge on the back of the neck with it. Edge is hurt.

04:00 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:00 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

04:00 (GMT)28 JAN 2020


Randy Orton hits the RKO on Edge. The Viper does not forgive being eliminated that easily.

03:59 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Randy Orton has a suggestion for Edge.


03:59 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:59 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Orton reveals that he knows it was Edge who helped him get out of the hole that he had dug himself years ago. He welcomes Edge home and says he is a brother to him. 

03:58 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Orton and Edge hug on TV. That's the real emotion right there. 

03:57 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:57 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Edge looks directly into the camera and says that he has the grit that he needs. He promises that if he is knocked down he gets back up.


03:56 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Edge says that he knows that it might not last long and he knows he is older and greyer, but he is back.

03:55 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:55 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:55 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

He says that he saw faces like Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, some familiar, some new.

He says he wants to see all of them down the road. 

03:54 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

He reveals that he started to work on himself from that moment onward and got a second neck surgery. He got in the best shape of his life at 46 years of age so that he could step back in the ring and end his career on his terms. 

03:53 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Edge says that he was told 9 years ago that he might not return. 

He says he refused to live in a world of 'What ifs'. Over the years he started to feel better and he started to ask 'what if' he came back home?

03:52 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:52 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Edge says that the reaction that he got last night at the Royal Rumble was one of the best things in his life and no one knows that it means to him. There are small tears in his eyes right now and the emotion is there for everyone to see.

03:51 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:50 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:50 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

There are literal goosebumps as Edge makes his out to the ring.

03:46 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Up now. It is finally time for the main event and the return of Edge to RAW. 

03:42 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:41 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Another RAW, another local performer destroyed by Erick Rowan. Rowan hits the Iron Claw to pick up the win.

03:37 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:36 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Erick Rowan and his cage are out next. 

03:35 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Liv Morgan with an excellent Flatliner from the ropes. That's all she needed as she is able to pick up the win.

Results: Liv Morgan defeats Lana

03:34 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Lana tries to cover Liv, and she hits her with a Suplex. Lana has the headlock on Liv at the moment. 

03:33 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:32 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Liv and Lana are facing each other in a match with Bobby Lashley and Rusev banned from ringside. 

03:29 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:28 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:27 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Lana vs Liv Morgan is up next

03:27 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:27 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

03:25 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

R-Truth is blocked by Riddick Moss. Mojo attacks Truth and takes him out to take the title back.

Mojo Rawley defeats R-Truth

03:25 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

R-Truth in Clown makeup comes behind him and rolls him up for the win.

R-Truth defeats Mojo Rawley for the 24/7 Title

03:24 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose

Mojio takes Jose out with a tackle and then transitions to a Fireman's Carry Facebuster to pick up the win.

Mojo Rawley defeats No Way Jose

03:22 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

Mojo Rawley says he is not hiding away with the title. He introduces Riddick Moss as his offensive lineman. Riddick Moss is here to help Rawley. 

03:20 (GMT)28 JAN 2020

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