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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after SummerSlam 2019 (12th August 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 13, 2019 03:24 GMT

What's next for The Beastslayer and The Fiend? Will we see new Women's Tag Team Champions tonight?


03:24 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Catch all the results from tonight's RAW right here!

03:07 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Good night, everybody!

03:06 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

I just want to thank everybody for hanging out for my very first Livecard here at Sportskeeda. I'll be back tomorrow for SmackDown!

03:05 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

So, let's recap... as far as actual matches go...
Seth Rollins beats AJ Styles by DQ
Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross defeat The Kabuki Warriors
Robert Roode defeats No Way Jose.
Drew McIntyre defeats Cedric Alexander
Andrade defeats Rey Mysterio
The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler
Ricochet defeated Elias

03:01 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Braun hands Seth his belt and shakes his hand, cementing his current face turn.

02:59 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Seth Rollins beats AJ Styles by DQ

02:59 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Braun Strowman to the ring to make the save!

I'm smelling a Survivor Series team forming.

No, that's my pizza burning.

02:57 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

And Ricochet comes to the ring to try and make the save.

And doesn't do well.

02:57 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Gallows pushes Rollins off the top rope as Anderson distracts the ref.

Ref has had enough and sends the Good Brothers to the back.

That doesn't last long as they return to the ring to attack Rollins anyway.

02:50 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

I've just been reminded that we haven't seen Bray Wyatt at all tonight. Food for thought.

02:47 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

The bell rings, the ribs are taped, let's do this!

02:46 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

The Beastslayer heads to the ring for his match with The Phenomenal One.... with fifteen minutes to go before the end of the show.

There's no way this ends messily. 

02:44 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Just another reminder that KING OF THE RING returns to Raw next week!

This was pretty sudden. Possibly a tribute to the late Harley Race?

02:40 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

We're heading into the last match of the night...

Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs United States Champion AJ Styles... next!

02:39 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

I mean, she literally kicked the ring post. 

02:39 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Asuka wound up kicking the ring post, keeping her out of the ring, while Bliss and Cross got the pin on Kairi Sane to retain their titles.

Bliss/Cross defeat The Kabuki Warriors

02:31 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

02:30 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

02:28 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Paige is, sadly, not there, as she's undergoing neck surgery. 

02:26 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs The Kabuki Warriors - WWE Women's Tag Team Title Match

02:21 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Carley Caruso interviews Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, as we head into a commercial break before the team's title match against The Kabuki Warriors.

02:20 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Sorry for the delay, everybody... I had a can of soda literally explode in my face.

While I was wringing Dr. Pepper out of my shirt....
The Viking Raiders defeated.... some guys

02:12 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

02:10 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

As Sasha Banks pummels Natalya (to the chants of "Thank you, Sasha", which is pretty hilarious), Becky Lynch comes to the ring... and begins to have her rear end handed to her as well.

You are right, Toronto Smart Marks.... this is awesome.

02:09 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

02:07 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Sasha comes to the ring, hugs Canada's own Natalya, then turns and attacks her. 

Also, Sasha has blue hair now. The ultimate sign of a heel turn

02:05 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Canada's own Natalya has a dislocated elbow, claims that Becky out-wrestled her, and says they'll go at it again.

Now, she's tells us about a dream she had last night about her dad and SASHA BANKS IS BACK!!!!!!!11!

02:02 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Natalya makes her way down to the ring. She has her arm in a sling. Do we see a return here?

02:00 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

01:59 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

We get another highlight of Roman getting attacked backstage. It's definitely not something we have seen a few times before. Not at all.

01:56 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

R-Truth has now lost the title to Elias backstage. Elias is a three-time Champion!

01:53 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

OK, so in the span of one single minute, The Revival became co-holders of the 24/7 Championship... and then lost it back to R-Truth. 

Seriously, this 24/7 stuff is gold.

01:50 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

We return from our ad break just as a match between Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) and The Revival is starting.

01:49 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

01:48 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Just a few minutes ago, I was asking myself "Self, I wonder what Madusa thought of that Cedric Alexander/Drew McIntrye match." And lo and behold...

01:47 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Paul Heyman is at a loss for words as he explains how his client.. BROOOOOOOOOOOCK.... LESSSSSSSNARRRRRRRRR... is not getting a rematch against Seth Rollins. Heyman cuts the interview short without making any further statement.

01:44 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Charley Caruso interviewing Paul Heyman while the Jose/Roode match is going on.

And that match is over before I can even finish typing that sentence. Yowie Wowie.

Robert Roode defeats No Way Jose.

01:41 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

No Way Jose is in Toronto... and he's taking Canada's own Bobby Roode!

He's got his beard again, but he's still "Robert". 

01:39 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

01:38 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

01:37 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

"Now, throw it up, you motherlovers!"

Geez, AJ.

Oh, and Paul Heyman is here, and he's heading into... Brock Lesnar's dressing room? Is the Beast at Raw?

01:35 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Claymore by McIntyre!

Drew McIntyre defeats Cedric Alexander

What a match!!

01:32 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

01:31 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

McIntyre has been dismantling Alexander. but Cedric keeps fighting back. Really good match so far.

01:21 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

As we head into a commercial, we're informed that both Alexander and McIntyre will be in the King of the Ring tournament next week.

01:20 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

In another backstage interview, Drew McIntyre has had it up to here with Cedric Alexander and plans on ending Cedric's "little fairytale"

Man, I love this guy's music.

01:19 (GMT)13 AUG 2019

Mysterio laments backstage about his loss, and how poorly he's been doing lately - possibly teasing retirement. He's literally in tears.
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