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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown after Crown Jewel 2019 (1st November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 02, 2019 02:32 GMT

What would be the fallout from Crown Jewel 2019?


02:32 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

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02:14 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Here are the full results from this week's amazing episode of SmackDown Live!

02:05 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

02:02 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Stay tuned as we will upload the full results as soon as they are up. Before that, remember to head to our site to rate the matches soon after SmackDown! You can rate the matches and leave comments! The option will be available shortly.

02:00 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

That's all for tonight folks, I have been Anirban and it has been my genuine pleasure to cover SmackDown for you tonight.
Here are the quick results from tonight's episode of SmackDown!

Bayley defeats Nikki Cross and retains her title
Tommaso Ciampa defeats The Miz
Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox defeats Fire and Desire
Adam Cole defeats Daniel Bryan

01:59 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Well... dare I say that's my favourite episode of SmackDown on Fox till date?

01:58 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:57 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:57 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:57 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:57 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

"We have fired the first shot. RAW and SmackDown, let's see what you got. JUST REMEMBER ONE THING! WE ARE NXT!"

01:56 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

NXT has invaded the ring. They are celebrating in the middle of the SmackDown ring.

Triple H says they are on.

RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT

Triple H says The NXT is his Army. 'This is our Army. This is our Fight. This is our Ring.'

01:55 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Cole hits the Superkick! PANAMA SUNRISE! LAST SHOT!

This is done.

Results: Adam Cole defeats Daniel Bryan

01:54 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:54 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan has Cole in a modified Cattle Mutilation. Cole reaches the rope. Bryan hits Adam Cole with the Yes Kicks. Cole avoids the final shot and they reverse pins on each other. Bryan kicks Cole's head off.

01:53 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan stomps on Cole's face and is locking on the LaBelle Lock again. 

01:52 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan is in yelling at Cole to get up and he does. BRYAN REVERSES A PINFALL INTO THE LABELLE LOCK!

01:52 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:51 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:51 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Cole exposes the knee for the Last Shot. Bryan catches him and has the Half Boston Crab locked in. Triple H is on the edge of his seat. 

01:50 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan went for the headbutt, but Cole moved and hit the Brainbuster.

01:50 (GMT)2 NOV 2019


01:49 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:47 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:46 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Adam Cole is dumped outside and he hits Cole with a Suicide Dive. The second Suicide Dive is stopped in its tracks as Bryan hits him with the Superkick.

01:45 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan is in complete control at this point. He goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to the chest. Bryan has HBK and Triple H worried. 

He hits Cole with a Running Dropkick. They go to the top rope and COLE HITS THE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB.

01:43 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan hits Cole with a flying lariat. The momentum is now on Bryan's side. 

01:43 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:42 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Cole has control at the moment, holding Bryan in a Leg Triangle. 

01:40 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:39 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:38 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan is trying to focus his attention on the right hand of Adam Cole. The two fall to the outside as they try to Suplex each other. 

01:37 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Daniel Bryan has the Surfboard locked in on Adam Cole right now. Cole might be regretting his decision to put the title on the line. 

01:35 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Bryan and Adam Cole try each other out as the match starts. Both men are quite strong and they are determined to leave an impact on their opponent.

01:32 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:28 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:27 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Up now: Adam Cole vs Daniel Bryan

01:27 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Stephanie McMahon recalls what happened on Crown Jewel. 

01:25 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:21 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:20 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Nox throws Deville into the commentary team. OH WOW! Ripley holds Rose in an inverted Cloverleaf and picks up the win.

Results: Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox defeats Fire and Desire

01:18 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

01:18 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

The match does not even get a chance to start, with the action pouring outside the ring. Tegan Nox and Deville battle outside, while Ripley and Rose face each other in the ring.

01:17 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Before the match between Daniel Bryan, we have Fire 'n' Desire vs Dana Brooke and Carmella.

That match is not happening.

Bianca Belair attacks Carmella and Brooke backstage and decimates them.

Instead, we are going to see:

Fire and Desire vs Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox.

01:13 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

Just to remind you, make sure you rate the matches that took place on SmackDown tonight after the show is over right here. Save this link! We want to hear what you think of the matches! Rate the match and leave your comments. 

01:12 (GMT)2 NOV 2019

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