10 best Minecraft SMP servers in 2024

Minecraft SMP servers are extremely fun to play alone or with friends (Image via Mojang/Sportskeeda)
Minecraft SMP servers are extremely fun to play alone or with friends (Image via Mojang/Sportskeeda)

Minecraft’s survival multiplayer (SMP) servers have long been centers of innovation, teamwork, and rivalry. The game’s community is still growing in 2024, and there are a lot of SMP servers that provide interesting experiences. Whether your goals are immersive roleplaying, hard gaming, or a relaxed community, there is a server out there for you.

SMP servers allow you to play the normal survival version of Minecraft with other players. Their primary goal is to promote cooperative gameplay, which is how the title was meant to be enjoyed in the classic sense.

This article lists the 10 best Minecraft SMP servers in 2024.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

What are the best Minecraft SMP servers in 2024?

1) MoxMC

IP Address: moxmc.net

MoxMC is a beautiful server (Image via Mojang)
MoxMC is a beautiful server (Image via Mojang)

Among the best Minecraft SMP servers in 2024, MoxMC stands out for its competitive PvP experience. For those who love intense combat and calculated alliances, MoxMC offers an exciting environment with an emphasis on custom enchantments, gangs, and competitive gameplay. Hardcore gamers love the server because of its challenging dungeons and well-balanced economic structure.

MoxMC has an extremely welcoming community of people who are always willing to play the game with you or just hang out in the Minecraft server’s Discord. Thanks to its grief protection, you can build whatever you like without having to worry about anyone coming to blow it up or break it down.

MoxMC has staff members who are online 24/7 to iron out any issues you or the server might be having.

Here is a list of MoxMC's notable features:

  • Grief Protection
  • Player ran economy
  • Blackmarket
  • Gangs
  • Land Claiming
  • Active & Dedicated Staff
  • No Server Lag
  • Custom Events

2) Cavern SMP

IP Address: cavern.gg

Cavern SMP is a fun server (Image via Mojang)
Cavern SMP is a fun server (Image via Mojang)

Cavern SMP is a great server full of players. It currently has many different game modes, such as LifeSteal, Skyblock, Neo Survival, FFA, BoxedPvP, and many more. The server offers tons of customized quests and plugins that were specially made for each game mode.

If you enjoy the ability to gamble within a Minecraft server, along with clans, intense PvP, furniture, pets, and so much more, Cavern SMP is for you.

3) MineWave

IP Address: minewave.net

MineWave is a great server (Image via Mojang
MineWave is a great server (Image via Mojang

MineWave is a fantastic server currently offering two game modes: LifeSteal and Earth. Earth is particularly popular among Minecraft players. In this mode, you must attempt to recreate parts of the Earth or simply reenact some life events that have already happened.

In MineWave, you can make huge cities and attempt to take over other civilizations. You can also choose to live peacefully with the friends you meet along the way.

4) ChillSMP

IP Address: pmc.chillsmp.org

ChillSMP is just as its name entails (Image via Mojang)
ChillSMP is just as its name entails (Image via Mojang)

ChillSMP offers a laid-back and relaxed gameplay experience. With its emphasis on building and creativity, the server provides a peaceful and supportive community for you to express your artistic side and enjoy Minecraft at your own pace.

This is a server that you can easily make new friends on or bring some of your own onto. However, you should fully understand its mechanics before completely committing to it so that they know what you're getting into.

5) LifeSteal SMP

IP Address: mc.lifestealsmp.com

LifeSteal SMP is for those who enjoy action (Image via Mojang)
LifeSteal SMP is for those who enjoy action (Image via Mojang)

LifeSteal SMP offers a difficult perspective on survival gaming. It tests your endurance by focusing on severe mechanics, including hunger, resource scarcity, and mobs. To provide even more excitement and thrill, the server also has tons of unique events.

If you're looking for a survival server where you constantly face off against other players, this is the perfect choice for you. When you lose health here, you can't regain anything back until you kill another player in-game.

6) WildWood SMP

IP Address: wildwoodsmp.com

WildWood SMP is a fantastic server (Image via Mojang)
WildWood SMP is a fantastic server (Image via Mojang)

With its emphasis on a fantasy-themed world, WildWood SMP offers a distinctive twist on the classic survival multiplayer experience. For those wishing to immerse themselves in new types of SMPs, this server offers a captivating and immersive gameplay experience complete with bespoke biomes and tons of custom features.

This pick offers a normal SMP server called Simple Survival, a LifeSteal SMP, and a never-before-seen Skyblock SMP. If you're looking for something new or get bored of just playing the normal Minecraft survival, WildWood SMP is a great server for you.

7) OPBlocks

IP Address: hub.opblocks.com


OPBlocks is a popular server with tons of different game modes available. It is primarily known as a Prison server but also has tons of other game modes. The survival aspect has a land-claiming feature, which allows you to build without having to worry about any other players.

For those who enjoy playing skyblock servers, OPBlocks is an excellent option. There are numerous creative skyblock islands to explore on this server, each with unique rewards and difficulties.

OPBlocks guarantees a seamless and captivating gaming experience through consistent updates and a committed staff team. It offers a competitive and fun Skyblock, prison, and survival experience, whether you choose to take on the challenges by yourself or in a group with friends.

8) Stellar SMP

IP Address: play.stellarmc.top


Stellar SMP is the server to go for if you're someone with a strong sense of community and friendship. It provides a warm and inviting environment for gamers of all skill levels thanks to its committed and encouraging player population.

With features like events, unique enchantments, and economy systems, the server offers a semi-vanilla survival experience with entertaining and captivating gameplay.

9) Complex Gaming

IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com


A flexible SMP server, Complex Gaming provides a variety of game modes, such as creative, minigames, and survival. It has something for everyone, regardless of whether you're in the mood to explore, develop, or test your abilities in thrilling activities. The server is most popular for its Pixelmon mode, which brings Pokemon to Minecraft.

Complex Gaming is a great option for those who prefer a cooperative and welcoming atmosphere because it has a helpful and kind community. It is one of the most popular out there in terms of the genre, and it allows you to switch to a normal SMP server easily.

10) FreshSMP

IP Address: play.freshsmp.fun

FreshSMP is an extremely popular server (Image via Mojang)
FreshSMP is an extremely popular server (Image via Mojang)

A relatively new Minecraft server, FreshSMP has become well-known for its distinctive and immersive survival experience. With an emphasis on community development, the server invites players to work together to tell original stories inside the Minecraft universe. It also has unique events and plugins, which up the ante on gameplay excitement.

This is one of the servers that cater only to those interested in playing an SMP. You'll never run out of new people to talk to, with hundreds of new players joining each day.

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