3 best Minecraft Elytra Racing Servers

Elytra Racing servers in Minecraft are tons of fun (Image via Sportskeeda)
Elytra Racing servers in Minecraft are tons of fun (image via Sportskeeda)

Elytra Racing is a minigame that's been around for a while in Minecraft, and it is still popular today. In Elytra Racing, players ride their Elytra wings through courses set up by other players. The first player to make it through the checkpoints and to the end wins. Minecraft servers can differ slightly from this concept, but this is the most popular.

It sounds simple enough on paper, but there are some twists to keep things interesting. Here are three of the best Minecraft Elytra racing servers out there right now so you can get started with your own races—or join others who have already begun theirs.

Elytra Racing servers are great fun in Minecraft

3) MoxMC

IP address:

MoxMC is a fantastic Minecraft server (image via Mojang)
MoxMC is a fantastic Minecraft server (image via Mojang)

The server is one of the most popular Elytra servers on Minecraft, and it’s easy to see why. With a large player base, active community, and great mods/plugins/terrain (etc.), MoxMC offers players a great experience regardless of their skill level.

They have maps custom-built for speedrunning and racing fans. In addition, there are several custom plugins that help improve the overall gameplay experience. Players can use these plugins to set up challenges for others or even just compete against themselves.

One thing that many love about this server is its active community, which is always willing to help new players get started with their races or answer any questions they may have about what they should do next in order to improve their performance on the track.

Also worth mentioning is how much variety there is in terms of maps: there are over 20 different ones available right now (with more coming soon).


IP address:


This server is a PvP server that allows you to play with others and build your own village. The server has an Open-Ended world and an Economy system, and players can also roleplay on this server.

With a unique economy system in which individuals can trade items for money, this game gives you the opportunity to earn virtual currency that allows you to buy new items in the store. You can also sell items at a higher price than they are worth if there is a buyer willing to pay.

You will also be able to find creative features such as custom mobs, custom blocks, adventure maps, and more on this amazing Minecraft Elytra Racing Server.

1) ElytraMC

IP address:


If you're a hardcore Elytra racer and have been playing the game for years, then this server is a great place to practice. The community is welcoming, friendly, and helpful, a major plus when learning how to play the game.

There are also a wide variety of courses available on ElytraMC. Some courses will put your skills to the test by trying to make you do things that might seem impossible at first, like dodging lava while flying through an underground cave system. Other courses are more relaxed with simple tasks like traveling from one end of an island back to its starting point in record time.

Regardless of what kind of course you choose, there's no doubt that playing on this server will be fun for everyone involved.

Minecraft Elytra Racing server tips and tricks

1) When a firework is released, it will move the player in the direction it is launched, enabling almost endless flight. This is an effective mode of transportation, but you need to carry a lot of fireworks to make this plausible for long distances.

2) Elytras are designed to be used only for gliding, but it is possible to make them fly indefinitely, thereby turning them into a kind of improvised jetpack. By using the well-known bow-boosting technique, players can force this flight.

It is easy to accomplish this by launching an arrow and then running straight into its path. Players should be aware that the punch enchantment of a bow determines how high it may fly. This can be considered better than the firework technique due to less of a need for resources.

3) These servers can be rather competitive, but don't let that get to you. This is just a game at the end of the day, invite your friends and enjoy yourself. All of these Minecraft servers are incredibly friendly and welcome anyone.

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