3 farms that need rebuilding in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft 1.19 was released recently (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft 1.19 was released recently (Image via Mojang)
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Zachary Roberts

The Minecraft 1.19 update was finally released yesterday. It brought a lot of changes to the game, many of which were highly anticipated. The Warden arrived after being announced all the way back before 1.17. Mangrove Swamp biomes have brought a lot of new additions to the above ground world, including mud and Mangrove wood.

One thing that the game hasn't changed and will likely never change is the need for farms. They make the game a lot better and in most cases, a lot easier, too. This is especially true if those farms are automatic.

From sugar cane to iron ore, there are many farms that can be built in Minecraft thanks to redstone. Now that the 1.19 update is out, here are some that can be updated.

Minecraft farms that should be updated after the 1.19 update

1) Mob farm

Mojang: Adds Sculk Catalysts to MinecraftPeople who make mob farms:

With Sculk now in the game, so much is possible. It essentially acts like a motion sensor, which is how it knows where a player is and when to spawn the Warden in the Deep Dark. It also emits a redstone pulse, which can be useful for many different farms.

Mob farms require redstone in some way, and the 1.19 update made them a lot easier to pull off. Inside the farm, Sculk can be connected to dispensers with arrows or pistons and when they'll get triggered by movement, mobs will get pushed to their death.

Sculk sensors are mainly used to spawn the Warden, which is a dangerous and potentially harmful part of the game. They can be used for good, though, since they're technically a redstone block.

2) Hostile mob farm

Switched it from peaceful to easy to see the Warden spawn and jfc the sound they make when they spawn is terrifying omg. D:

The same logic can be applied to many automatic hostile mob farms. Hostile mobs drop some of the best loot in the entire game, so farming them can help players get and stay ahead. Sculk blocks can make that a lot easier and they can even utilize the Warden to do so.

When working together, Sculk catalysts, Sculk sensors, Sculk shriekers, and regular Sculk blocks can spawn the Warden. This normally occurs in the Deep Dark, but all the blocks can be removed and transported elsewhere with Silk Touch.

Inside the farm, the mobs that spawn will trigger the Sculk and spawn the Warden, who will then go after them. Those mobs do not stand a chance against an angry Warden.

3) Wool farm

Sheep in a pen (Image via Minecraft)
Sheep in a pen (Image via Minecraft)

Ordinarily, a wool farm involves one sheep being put into a one-block space. An observer sees when the sheep grows its wool back and activate a dispenser with shears in it. Underneath, a hopper collects the loose wool and drops it into a chest. It's one of the best farms to make in Minecraft, but it's not exactly the easiest to build.

Thanks to the 1.19 update, wool farms are a lot easier to build now. They can even be built much larger and instead of confining one sheep to a tiny space, players can have a wool farm with several sheep in an open space.

To do this, Minecraft gamers need Sculk sensors. These send out a redstone impulse whenever they are walked on. If players put one in a sheep pen, they will eventually wander over the sensor and trigger it. If it's connected to a dispenser with shears, the wool will be clipped off immediately.

In front of the Sculk, a hopper can pick up the items and drop them into a chest. This farm will allow multiple sheep to eventually get sheared and is a lot easier to make.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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