30 best Minecraft username ideas for beginners

Find new Minecraft usernames (Image via WallpaperDog)
Find new Minecraft usernames (Image via WallpaperDog)

Like other games, Minecraft players can also keep usernames for their in-game characters. In a single-player world, usernames are pretty useless but are helpful on multiplayer servers.

Gaming usernames are a great way to stand out from other players on multiplayer servers. When creating a Minecraft account, players have to create an in-game username. Once a username is selected, players cannot change it for the next 30 days.

Due to Minecraft's massive player base, newcomers face problems while creating a username as many usernames are already taken. This article shares some cool names for beginners looking for a new username.

Minecraft username ideas for beginners


Check out the following Minecraft usernames available right now:

  1. Superior_Days
  2. Energizer_Bunny
  3. Crazylad
  4. Glistering_Man
  5. Boywithmagic
  6. Lord_Theus
  7. Eg0mania
  8. TheDemonHunter
  9. AlmightyPharoah
  10. Class_Clown
  11. YouSillyFool
  12. KakashiSensei
  13. DeadAmongUs
  14. Solo_K1ll
  15. BigF00tIsReal
  16. Satanist
  17. Green Ghost
  18. KillVentWho
  19. Roulette
  20. AccidentalGenius
  21. Star_Sw0rd
  22. JackTheRipper
  23. Watersheep
  24. SkyBlock_Ruler
  25. Creeper_shh
  26. DoomSlayer
  27. CookedPig
  28. Sc1mitar
  29. YouCuteAsf
  30. Craniax

If any of these usernames are already taken by some other minecrafter, players can add their unique number or letter to these usernames to make them available. Readers looking for more in-game username suggestions can visit nickfinder.com to get some new ideas.

Before coming up with new usernames, players should know the limitations to usernames in Minecraft:

  • The username cannot be more than 16 letters or less than 3.
  • Players cannot use spaces in their usernames
  • Players can use A-Z characters, a-z characters, and 0-9 numbers in their usernames.
  • _ (underscore) is the only special character allowed.

Another thing beginners should know is that an inappropriate name can lead to a ban on multiplayer servers. While such names are not a problem in a single-player world, they can lead to permanent bans on servers.

How to change Minecraft username?

Change profile name (Image via Sportskeeda)
Change profile name (Image via Sportskeeda)

Mojang allows players to change their usernames after every 30 days. Players who want to change their usernames can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Minecraft's official website. Click here to get redirected.
  2. Next, go to profile.
  3. From here, players can change their usernames.
  4. Save the username.
  5. Log out and log-in back again to enjoy the new username.

If there is any problem with the new username, players can revert to their old usernames. But, there is a time limit of 37 days. After 37 days, the username will be available for others.

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