5 best addons for Minecraft on Xbox One (2022)

Addons can change how the game looks, plays, and feels (Image via
Addons can change how the game looks, plays, and feels (Image via
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Minecraft Bedrock is one of the two most-played versions of Minecraft. While Java Edition is undoubtedly the more popular version of the game on PC, Bedrock Edition reigns over every other platform that supports Minecraft.

The Xbox One edition of Minecraft comes under the Bedrock Edition as well. While many players on this console love the vanilla version, some try to modify it. In most cases, for Bedrock Edition, this can be done through addons.

These are extensions to the game that allows users to modify and add new features to the game. While mods in Java Edition only change the behaviors of specific entities or add new ones, addons can be described as a complete package. They also contain resource packs or texture packs and mod-like programs.

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Minecraft: Five interesting addons on Xbox One

Note: Players can download the below-mentioned addons on websites like mcpedl and mcdlhub.

5) Minecars


Minecars is an addon that can add cars into vanilla Minecraft, along with added functionality for minecarts. Both types of vehicles have the functionality of a fuel source, with resources like coal being used as fuel.

4) Spawners


The spawners addon, also called the custom spawners addon, allows gamers to craft a mob spawner. This feature is not available in the base game and can be of immense help when grinding for XP or looking for a fight.

Spawners for different mobs have different colors and textures, thus differentiating them from each other. The unique thing about this addon is that the mobs don’t attack players, making it easy to use them to grind experience points.

3) Land Claim


This addon adds the feature to claim land or specific areas on the game’s map. It also adds a feature called chest protection, which can prevent others from stealing the user’s in-game belongings.

Captured land is signified by a flag hovering over it, which gamers put down.

2) Arcade Craft


Arcade craft is a fun addon that adds arcade machines in a player’s Minecraft world. Along with tons of content and arcade machines, they can also acquire arcade coins, tokens, and prizes when playing on the included arcade machines.

Users can also trade arcade coins for iron and gold ingots, along with diamonds. Aside from popular arcade games, they can also notice an air hockey table and a basketball machine.

1) Bedrock Backpacks


This addon adds some detailed backpacks (more than 20) to the game. Each backpack has a different color, which allows gamers to try and match their armor and other gear with the color and design of their backpack.

Players will first have to craft an item called the “original backpack,” made using three leather, three wool, and three string. The color of the wool block determines the color of the backpack.

After that, users can dye their backpacks in whatever color they want. They can also combine a backpack and chest plate to put them in one slot.

Over the years, Minecraft has established itself to be one of the most modded and customized games ever (we’re talking Skyrim-level customization). PC players have benefitted a lot from the game’s modding culture, which is one of the few aspects that Xbox and other console users tend to miss out on.

However, addons can help Xbox One players achieve what PC players achieve through mods.

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