5 best automatic farms to build after the latest Minecraft 1.19 update (The Wild Update)

Farms are quite helpful in Minecraft (Image via Reddit/brdwatbamiwrb)
Farms are quite helpful in Minecraft (Image via Reddit/brdwatbamiwrb)

Minecraft is one of the biggest advocates of the survival game mode. The survival game mode is exactly what it sounds like: it puts players in a dangerous world without boundaries. The game has dozens of creatures that want to harm them and several instances of crooked or treacherous terrain that can cause problems for the player.

Aside from this, Minecraft players must keep an eye on how much food they consume and even what type of food they consume. Building an automatic farm is one way to make the survival game mode a little more convenient.


Farms in Minecraft don’t just refer to crop farms like wheat, beetroot, and carrot farms. They also refer to entity farms, which are contraptions that generate a large number of specific entities like mobs, food, and other items.

Automatic farms are those farms that worm entirely on their own once their construction has finished. This article lists five automatic farms players can build in Minecraft 1.19.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft 1.19: Top 5 automatic farm setups (with video tutorials)

5) Sculk Block, Vein, Sensor, Shreiker Farm


Sculk and its family of blocks are one of the primary aspects of the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft 1.19. The sculk block is quite unique as it gives experience points whenever a player breaks it.

A couple of other variants that this block has are the sculk shrieker, which basically summons the Warden; the sculk sensor, which triggers sculk shriekers; and the sculk vein, which is like a vine alternative.

This farm produces every single sculk block mentioned above, giving 11400 sculks, 8300 veins, 5300 sensors, and 500 shriekers per hour. Additionally, it gives 12 levels of experience every minute. The player must go AFK and leave their “attack” key on auto click using a regular hoe to farm XP and a “silk touch” hoe to farm sculk blocks. The farm also contains an enderman farm on the top.

4) Mud farm


Mud is a block that was recently added to the game. This farm converts dirt into mud and allows players to go AFK while collecting it. However, the creator of the farm has revealed that players will not need to go AFK since the farm is quite fast.

A dispenser will be placed in the area where the newly formed dirt will be produced. After production, TNT is dropped on it, which sends the mud blocks into a chest below.

3) Propagule farm


This simple automatic propagule farm produces propagules at ridiculous speeds. It uses a decent chunk of redstone to do so. The redstone is used to automate the pistons used in the build.

Observer blocks are used to transmit the redstone signal from the circuit to two dispensers. These dispensers supply a block of mangrove leaves with a double dose of bonemeal, allowing them to progress through their growth stages at an incredible speed.

Propagule is a part of the mangrove tree that only grows on the newly added mangrove trees. These trees are usually found in and around the (also newly added) Mangrove swamp biome. The new tree type provides players with a new type of wood and leaves, and the propagule is used as an alternative for saplings and is used to grow a new mangrove tree.

2) Mangrove Tree farm


This Mangrove tree farm manages to produce over 5000 Mangrove logs in an hour. This is for players who would have a near-infinite supply of wood so that they never have to chop down a tree again.

The build has a drop that is filled with tons of mangrove propagules. Just like in the previous entry, bonemeal is used to help the propagule grow.

1) Froglight farm


This froglight farm is easy to build and produces over 5000 blocks of froglight every hour, incorporating every color of the substance. Making use of tons of powered rails and minecarts with hoppers (a design that will be quite familiar to players who make farms), this build certainly makes a name for itself when it comes to automatic builds.

Froglight is a fascinating block (Image via Minecraft)
Froglight is a fascinating block (Image via Minecraft)

The build is constructed in a 9x9 area in the nether dimension’s Basalt Deltas biome, with a glass AFK platform at the top and iron golems in the middle. Due to the biome, magma cubes start to spawn on the farm, which are then eaten by the frogs that the player transported from the overworld.

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