5 best farms for a beginner in Minecraft (2022)

Players can easily create many different farms that can help them gain quick and reliable access to different resources (Image via KidYori/YouTube)
Players can easily create many different farms that can help them gain quick and reliable access to different resources (Image via KidYori/YouTube)
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Farms in Minecraft are a great way for players to gather resources easily. When time is of the essence, having a farm can save players so much hassle and effort when concentrating on other things, such as mining or building.

Certain farms are better than others, and for beginners, ensuring they have the following farms will help them greatly as they build in Minecraft.

The 5 best farms for a beginning player in Minecraft (2022)


Farms can be used for many different things in Minecraft. Players can harvest materials, XP, and of course, food. Each one of the following farms will help players differently. However, which one the players start first may depend on the mobs or items a player has access to when they start.

Here are the 5 best farms for beginners in Minecraft.

1) Cows


Cows are probably one of the best mobs a player can have for a farm. They offer so much for the players that getting a cow farm up and running should always be a priority. Players can get leather to make armor, beef to cook and restore hunger, and even milk from milking the cow. In addition, breeding cows can generate XP for the player as well, which is an added bonus to the above.

Players will gain:

  • Leather - Players can create items such as armor and saddles that can benefit the player. Leather armor is not the strongest but it can make due until a player can craft iron armor.
  • Milk - Milk is used for removing status effects from the player. A player can harvest milk by walking up to a cow with an empty bucket and using it on the cow.
  • Beef - When a cow is defeated, it will drop raw beef. Players can cook this item in a furnace and also on a campfire to make cooked beef, which is great for players that need to restore their health.

Breeding cows is also very easy in Minecraft. Players simply need to take some wheat and give it to a cow before it enters love mode. Then they need to find another nearby cow and do the same thing. Once both cows are in love mode, they will spawn a calf and the player will also gain some XP.

2) Wheat farm


Wheat is a very useful crop in Minecraft. Not only is it easy to get started in growing wheat, but players can use it for multiple things inside the game. For starters, players can craft certain foods with wheat such as bread, cake and cookies. But players can also use it to breed other animals on the farms.

Players can also create hay bales with excess wheat. Things to note about wheat:

  • Players can find seeds inside of grass. When they break the grass block it will sometimes drop seeds, which can be planted inside a dirt block to grow into wheat.
  • Players can harvest the wheat and it will drop itself as well as more seeds to continue the process. By doing this, players can quickly expand their farm.

Wheat can also not just breed animals, but certain animals such as cows will follow the player when they have wheat in their hand. This means that if a player needs to lead them to an enclosure, they can simply equip the wheat and lead them inside. This makes it easy to transfer animals in Minecraft.

3) XP Farm


Players will find that they need to gain a lot of XP in order to perform certain actions inside of Minecraft. For example, a player who wants to repair an item or enchant an item will need to have XP, which they will pay as a cost to do the repair or enchant. Players will always want to look for quick and easy ways of gaining XP and an XP farm is the best way.

Some ways of farming XP in Minecraft:

  • Players can create an automatic mob farm/grinder where players are able to funnel mobs into a small area where they can either manually or automatically kill them to gain their items and XP.
  • Players can go and hunt mobs down such as enderman to gain their XP.
  • Finding Bottle o' Enchanting can give the player XP. However, this item cannot be farmed in Minecraft.

4) Chicken Farm


Players who are looking for a very simple farm can find just that with chickens. Chickens are very common in biomes around Minecraft and players will be able to farm them to gain feathers as well as raw chicken. These items can be useful for players at the beginning of the game, particularly those who are looking to make arrows, as they will need lots of feathers.

Things to note about chickens:

  • Players can lead chickens by using seeds. When the player is within 6 blocks of a chicken and holding seeds, they will follow them around. This is useful for moving them between locations.
  • Chickens also lay an egg every so often, about every 5-10 minutes. Chicken eggs can be used in recipes such as pumpkin pie and cake. But they can also be thrown, and when cracked by being thrown have a small chance to spawn a baby chicken. Each egg thrown has a 1/8 chance of spawning a chick.

Players are able to breed chickens easily in addition to throwing eggs to spawn chicks. Players must first give a chicken seeds to make it enter love mode. The player must then give another chicken seeds to have it enter love mode as well. Once they are both in love mode, they will have hearts appear and they will spawn a chick. The player will also gain XP from this interaction as well.

5) Sheep


Players will need a good night's rest from all of their farming, and they are surely going to need a bed to accomplish that task. Making a bed requires wool, and luckily sheep are happy to provide it, and they don't need to be killed to obtain it.

Players can breed sheep to gain wool which can be used for beds and for decoration as well, as it can be dyed in many different colors.

  • Players can use sheers to get 1-3 wool from a sheep, and the sheep will not take any damage from doing this. Sheep can regrow wool in about 1-2 minutes after being sheered.
  • Sheep will follow a player who is holding wheat, which can make moving them to a new location very easy.

Players are able to breed sheep by feeding one of them wheat and getting them to enter love mode. They must then find a second sheep and get them to enter love mode as well. Once they are both in love mode, they will spawn a lamb and grant the player XP.

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