5 best magic mods in Minecraft (2022)

Ars Nouveau mod (Image via CurseForge)
Ars Nouveau mod (Image via CurseForge)

Mods allow players to completely change the game. Vanilla Minecraft is a very familiar and classic game, but it hasn't changed drastically in a long time. Mods can make things possible that were previously impossible. Nearly anything that is capable of being coded can be made into a mod and thus added to Minecraft.

Aspects like Pokemon, new characters, different biomes, dimensions and more have all been made possible through mods. Even spells and other things that would be considered "magic" have been coded into certain mods.

CurseForge is a great place to find all sorts of mods, including magic mods. Here are the best ones and what they do.

Magic mods to try for Minecraft Java Edition

5) Botania

Botania is a tech mod with a specific magical theme. The theme is natural magic, which is fitting for a game like Minecraft. In the modded version of the game, a single book and any sapling will craft what is called the Lexica Botania. This book holds every spell that is possible in the game so players can learn what they can do very quickly.

4) Ice and Fire: Dragons

Lightning Dragon! Based off the upcoming Lightning Dragon from the Minecraft mod "Ice and Fire" made by Alexthe666 and RaptorfarianGo check it out if you're into that!…

As the name suggests, this mod introduces dragons, one of the pre-eminent magical creatures. Here's what the creators said about them:

"Fire Dragons breathe fire and roam most of the habitable world, whilst Ice Dragons inhabit the coldest places known to man and freeze their prey to death. Both kinds of dragons spawn naturally as adults. And news has reached us of a new discovery: Lightning dragons, powerful nocturnal creatures that deal blasting bolts of lighting to kill their prey."

3) Mystical Agriculture

Mystical Agriculture (Image via 9Minecratft)
Mystical Agriculture (Image via 9Minecratft)

Agriculture is a big part of Minecraft, so what could be cooler than making it mystical and magical? Crops get used, in this mod, for much more than they normally do in the vanilla version of the game. Here, they can be used to make essences for tools, armor, and more.

2) Ars Nouveau

Mod of the month, Ars Nouveau (… ) I've remade some textures from Ars Nouveau in my style for fun. #Minecraft #minecraftart #minecraftconceptart #minecraftmods

Ars Nouveau is a magical Minecraft mod that allows gamers to make their own spells, create new, magical artifacts, perform magic rituals, and so much more. These are some of the coolest things that magic Minecraft mods can allow and they're all available in one great mod. It also introduces new textures that make the game feel more magical.

1) Thaumcraft

primal charm for thaumcraft - great animation practice... whats next??#minecraft

Thaumaturgy is defined as the capability of a magician to work miracles. Hence the name, this mod bases itself on that idea. Wands can be crafted, which will then allow players to work said miracles and cast spells. A bookshelf that is clicked with the wand will show players everything they are now capable of.

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