5 best Minecraft 1.17 resource packs for players

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

Resource packs can add brand new visuals and intricate details to Minecraft.

Many Minecraft players opt to upgrade the look of vanilla Minecraft with mods, texture packs, and resource packs. The Minecraft 1.17 update introduced many new things into the game and changed how a lot of Minecraft elements previously looked.

Luckily, plenty of resource packs have also been updated for the 1.17 Minecraft update. Considering the new Caves & Cliffs updates in mind, here are some of the best resource packs gamers can use in Minecraft 1.17.

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Great Minecraft 1.17 resource packs players should try

5) Fresh Animations

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

Fresh animations is a resource pack that adds a whole new layer of life to Minecraft. This resource pack gives various mobs upgraded looks by animating their facial movements, making them look much more realistic. This could be super fun or ultra creepy, depending on personal preference.

Gamers looking for a high definition resource pack that doesn’t deviate too much from vanilla Minecraft but still gives the feeling of an upgrade might want to check out Fresh Animations.

It will surely be interesting to see how the new fan favorite 1.17 mobs like the glow squid or the axolotl appear under this resource pack.

4) Unity Dark Edition

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

Unity Dark Edition is the perfect Minecraft resource pack for gamers who prefer their devices to be set on dark mode. This resource pack does exactly that to the vanilla Minecraft interface, plus introduces some texture changes, all around making Minecraft much more visually pleasing.

Considering the 1.17 update, the dark interface will likely compliment the new deepslate blocks well. It will also help important items stand out amongst the rest in chests and inventory slots given the dark background.

3) Classic 3D

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

Classic 3D is a Minecraft resource pack that emphasizes the visuals already in place. It is a great addition to any Minecraft world that is in need of just a bit of a visual upgrade.

This resource pack will add a bit of a pop to the standard Minecraft visuals. Considering all the new 1.17 blocks and elements, Classic 3D might make them stand out like no other. Classic 3D compliments vanilla Minecraft quite well overall.

2) Elytra+

Image via Mcaddon
Image via Mcaddon

Elytra+ is perfect for the die hard elytra fans out here. It’s also a great option for those who want their own Minecraft cape but are unable to get one.

This resource pack introduces brand new elytra designs that deviate from the standard gray wings. Not only can players choose from new elytra designs, but the elytra itself can be crafted with Elytra+ which is a total game changer.

1) Faithful


The Faithful resource pack might be the best for texture upgrades onto vanilla Minecraft. Faithful makes textures a bit more crisp and detailed, amping up the visuals of the game.

This resource pack is ideal for gamers who are looking for enhanced Minecraft graphics. Faithful stays true to the boxy nature of the game while still giving blocks an extra emphasis to make them stand out.

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