5 best Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock seeds to try (December 2021)

The Minecraft Bedrock menu screen (Image via Minecraft)
The Minecraft Bedrock menu screen (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft 1.18 update was released on November 30, and a ton of new content has made its way to the game. Among that lies a revamp to the mountain and cave systems in Minecraft, the addition of a plethora of new biomes to both mountains and caves, and the complete overhaul of the ore distribution and generation system.

However, Minecraft 1.18 also introduced seed parity into the game. This feature allows both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition players to play on the same seed. This significantly increases the convenience of playing the same seed for players o different platforms.

This article will state some of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for Bedrock Edition.

Top 5 Bedrock seeds for Minecraft 1.18

5) Spawn Next to Desert Temple (Seed: -190350975)

Desert biome (Image Via Minecraft)
Desert biome (Image Via Minecraft)

Players spawn inside a vast desert biome in this seed. A small desert island can be found close to spawn, which generates a desert temple. The temple is easy to miss, partially buried in the sand.

Once players have looted the temple, they can explore around to find a floating ruined temple and a beach-side desert temple in a badlands biome close by.

4) Lost in Snow (Seed: 331124596)

This seed has an endless spruce forest (Image via Minecraft)
This seed has an endless spruce forest (Image via Minecraft)

This seed spawns players in a vast spruce forest biome coupled with a snow biome. The forest seems to stretch into endlessness, and pockets of powdered snow can be found almost everywhere. This calls for vigilance on the player’s behalf, as they can sink in areas filled with powdered snow and freeze to death. Additionally, the area is surrounded by snow mountains and packed ice.

3) Three Jungle Temples (Seed: 1909697087)


This seed spawns players into a vast jungle biome. Players can climb up a nearby tree to get a lay of the land, which will help them find a jungle temple quite close to spawn.

As players explore the surrounding area, they can conveniently find two more jungle temples within the spawn radius, each of which can be plundered for their loot.

2) Multiple structures (Seed: -1739171260)

Pillager outposts are dangerous structures (Image via Minecraft)
Pillager outposts are dangerous structures (Image via Minecraft)

This seed spawns the player between a jungle biome and a desert biome, thus portraying a contrasting landscape, as deserts are empty and barren, while jungles are filled with trees and vines. Both biomes contain their respective, biome-themed temples at roughly the same distance from spawn.

Players can then head further into the desert biome to find a desert village with a Pillager outpost and ruined portal close to it.

1) Jungle Temple inside Desert Village (Seed: -612896967)


This seed spawns the player within a wooded Badlands biome, surrounded by a mountainous badlands biome. Gigantic mountains can be seen quite close to spawn. Several rivers can be seen passing through this area. However, the best part is a village right across the mountain range.

A small desert biome can be found just as the badlands biome ends, incorporating a village and a jungle temple.

Seeds are a random string of numbers, which, when typed out into the blank box on the “world generation” page, generate a new Minecraft world on that particular seed. The seeds mentioned above are some of the best for the Bedrock edition in 2021.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha


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