5 best Minecraft barn builds

Minecraft barns are great for those who love animals (Image via Youtube/Goldrobin)
Minecraft barns are great for those who love animals (Image via Youtube/Goldrobin)

Minecraft captivates individuals who love immersive virtual experiences. The activities vary greatly as some opt to construct treehouses while others elect to create elegant fortresses or mansions. Many prefer simplicity and undertake smaller construction projects that are ideal for personal living arrangements.

In the event that you are an animal enthusiast in Minecraft, you will find that a barn build may be ideal for your playstyle. Barns refer to vast expanses of ventilated areas that can sustain plenty of harvest and livestock with ease. We have curated five such excellent alternatives in Minecraft.

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Simple Animal Barn and 4 other Minecraft barn builds that are fun and easy

1) Large Barn


Behold, a grandiose barn greets you. This YouTube tutorial was made by the incredible creator Foxel. It proffers ample room for livestock and is an optimal area to corral your farm pets in one location. Moreover, the structure boasts a silo that can stockpile voluminous quantities of hay - akin to reality! Builds such as this would be exemplary on a roleplay server.

The generous dimensions of the windows permit ample natural light to permeate throughout the day, thereby illuminating the interior and affording outsiders a clear view from afar. The ingress/egress is facilitated by two commodious portals located at opposite extremities for swift entry or exit on demand.

2) Simple Animal Barn


Constructing a simple barn is an ideal first step to commence your Minecraft journey. The architecture can be actualized by utilizing wood and stone bricks that are easily obtainable. It was constructed by Melthie, an accomplished Minecraft content creator operating on YouTube.

The layout includes a spacious interior that affords unrestricted mobility for fauna whilst they relish the refreshing ambiance. It also houses compartments capable of accommodating up to three horse or cow stalls in addition to several other spacious areas intended for pigs and sheep habitation purposes.

This particular project is a great introduction to building in the game as it requires only the fundamental resources that all players will eventually possess, particularly when starting out. As such, this creation proves enjoyable on servers focused on survival since you can collaborate with your companions to govern an enclosure of similar make.

3) Barn with Cute Loft


Behold the large spacious barn with an aesthetic loft. The raised area serves as both storage and sleeping quarters for those who crave repose from conventional domiciles. In order to access this isolated area, an individual must climb a charming set of stairways that are affixed to the inside of the building.

This build was made by popular Minecrafter Zaypixel, who is known for her extremely good tutorials and functional builds. Anyone interested in this build should consider using the texture pack that she is popular for using as it will make the barn look amazing.

4) Aesthetic Animal Barn


This is a big barn with tons of outdoor and indoor space. The roof is made of wood in a layered manner with slabs running down it. The walls are unique, made with a mixture of granite and brick. This build was made by the YouTuber LennyRandom.

The hayloft is accessible from inside the building with a ladder, visible directly in front upon walking into the barn. This barn provides a ton of room for creativity due to the spacious exterior and the helpful layout.

An aesthetic barn is the perfect choice for those who love making cute builds. Players should consider building this barn with a friend or loved one as it is quite fun to conquer it with others.

5) Medieval Barn


To initiate the creation of your medieval barn, you should erect a massive barrier of fences around the perimeter. This will make it so that you can easily keep out zombies and other monsters while completing the build.

This amazing barn tutorial was put together by Minecraft YouTuber Mr Mirror. Anyone who is looking to follow this video and construct the build should definitely consider using a medieval texture pack, as it will surely add to the experience. A medieval barn like this looks fantastic almost everywhere but would be an especially great addition inside a large medieval castle build.

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