5 best Minecraft endgame farms in 2022

Farms are an integral part of the survival experience. (Image via Mojang)
Farms are an integral part of the survival experience. (Image via Mojang)

Building farms is one of the most lucrative ventures in Minecraft. They allow players to obtain all kinds of resources way faster than searching or mining for them manually would take.

What farms do is allow players to work on other areas of their Minecraft experience while simultaneously producing valuable materials in the background. Not only do they allow for the collection of the rarest of materials, but they also amplify the production of day-to-day resources like wood, iron, obsidian, gold, etc. as well.

This article will list five of the best farms that players can get to building after they’re done with the main questline in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

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5) Villager Trading farm (Tutorial credit: ShulkerCraft)


This villager trading farm, also referred to as a villager trading “hall,” focuses on netting the player huge amounts of valuable items through trades. A total of 26 villagers are used in this farm, each situated side-by-side in a two-floor player-made section of the map.

The materials required for this farm include stone bricks, spruce logs, spruce planks, note blocks, fences, stairs, chests, signs, sticky pistons, lecterns, anvils, name tags, levers, and more.

Minecraft players can put any type of villager inside this farm, as long as the mob gives them the item they desire. They can get unlimited enchanted books, valuable blocks, redstone, emeralds, and other resources.

4) Stacking Raid farm (Tutorial credit: ianxofour)


Raids in Minecraft can be a tedious affair to have to deal with alone, especially since the villager involved are passive mobs, and iron golems can be overpowered with enough force. However, one crazy benefit of a raid is the drops that players can potentially get.

Illagers drop a ton of valuable resources like gunpowder, emeralds, totems of undying, redstone, etc., and turning raids into profitable farms can be a great source of acquiring resources.

Furthermore, the infinite supply of emeralds provided by this farm is enough to supply the villager trading hall mentioned in the previous entry.

3) Iron Farm (Tutorial credit: MineTheFab)


Iron is an extremely important resource, especially in Survival Mode. This farm by Minecraft YouTuber MineTheFab conveys the necessity of having this to any player wishing to continue their journey during the late-game survival phase.

One of the best benefits of having an iron farm is the potential to build an unlimited amount of hoppers and iron blocks for beacons. Iron is used in almost everything in the game, and this farm eliminates the player’s need to go mining for the resource.

2) Gold and XP farm (Tutorial credit: ilMango)


This farm serves two purposes, as is indicated by the title. It gives the player an unlimited amount of gold (or a steady supply, atleast), while also serving as one of the most efficient experience farms in the game.

Players who wish to accumulate a large amount of XP can go AFK near this farm for long periods of time, only to return and find their XP meter bulging with experience points.


A third farm can also be supplied with the resources that this farm provides. Piglins are pig-like mobs that can only be found in the Nether. They can barter gold ingots with the player, giving them valuable resources like Ender Pearls in exchange.

Therefore, the gold produced from the gold farm can be used to gain infinite trades with piglins, thus ensuring a constant supply of resources.

1) Wither Skeleton farm (Tutorial credit: Rays Works)


Topping off this list is the Wither Skeleton farm. It will provide players with one of the rarest resources in the game: Wither Skeleton skulls, which can be used to summon the Wither boss mob.


Outside the farm, Wither Skeleton skulls are extremely hard to get. Aside from the fact that they can give players the “Wither” status effect, the mobs themselves are quite dangerous when tackled in single combat, and are only found inside Nether Fortresses (which can be a pain to find sometimes).

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