5 Best Minecraft fan art pieces from Reddit (April 2021)

Minecraft fan art (Image via minecraftforum)
Minecraft fan art (Image via minecraftforum)
Holly Ellison

Many avid Minecraft fans are also talented artists. These artistically gifted fans often dedicate their time to making Minecraft fan art.

The Minecraft subreddit is oftentimes full of detailed Minecraft artwork including pixel art, map art, digital illustrations, 3D structures, sketches, paints, and so much more. Here are just a few of the best pieces of art found on the Minecraft subreddit in the past few days.

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Top 5 Minecraft fan art pieces from Reddit in April 2021

#1 - Nether mob redesign

Ghast, blaze, and strider artwork (Image via Reddit)
Ghast, blaze, and strider artwork (Image via Reddit)

Talented artist and Minecraft player u/Slartibartghast_II posted a few Nether mobs to the subreddit yesterday. These mobs were drawn in a realistic, yet cartoonish style. u/Slartibartghast_II added small details and personified the expressions of these mobs to draw out emotions.

The Nether mobs featured here are ghasts, blazes, and a strider. It's very interesting to get the artist's impression of these Nether mobs. Especially the Blaze since it barely resembles its original pixelated form.

u/Slartibartghast_II has posted a few other pieces of art to their subreddit, check them out! Here's a link to the original post.

#2 - Baby mooshroom

Baby mooshroom in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Baby mooshroom in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)

Minecraft artist u/idkthewords posted their own take on a baby mooshroom to the Minecraft subreddit yesterday. This post features the baby mooshroom with many small details.

The fur was clear and easy to see as if the viewer could reach out and pet the mooshroom. The mooshroom's expression is plain similar to that of a real-life cow.

The artist u/idkthewords creates art posts regularly for Reddit, some Minecraft related and others not so much, regardless, check out their account. Here is a link to the original Baby Mooshroom post.

#3 - Mob Doodles

A few different Minecraft mobs (Image via Reddit)
A few different Minecraft mobs (Image via Reddit)

Minecraft fan and artist u/cabbagegunk decided to post a few of their doodles to the Minecraft subreddit over the past week. Despite u/cabbagegunk claiming these to be doodles, it's clear they're much more.

The artwork features an enderman carrying a dirt block, a yellow-colored mooshroom, and a piglin. The cow could even be considered a flower cow since it seems to grow flowers out of the side of its back.

u/cabbagegunk posts their artwork on Reddit often, check them out. To see their original post, click here.

#4 - 3D Bees

Bee perler sculpture (Image via Reddit)
Bee perler sculpture (Image via Reddit)

Most Minecraft artists only stick to 2D art but not u/Gshelle140. This artist created a 3D hot glue and perler beads sculpture of a few Minecraft bees. This post went up on the Minecraft subreddit yesterday, and since then has gained quite a few likes within the community.

Many viewers were confused as to how u/Gshelle140 was able to create this sculpture, but gauging from the comments, it only really involved some hot glue and a few perler beads.

This is u/Gshelle140's first post onto the subreddit, to check out this post click here.

#5 - Real life bookshelf

Real-life bookshelf block (Image via Reddit)
Real-life bookshelf block (Image via Reddit)

Similar to the previous post, Minecraft fan and artist u/liamoco123 created a 3D real-life Minecraft-themed bookshelf block. u/liamoco123 used 1280 small colored pieces of wood and arranged them in a way to copy the original Minecraft bookshelf texture.

The bookshelf is so accurate it looks like it has jumped out of Minecraft and into the real world. It's unknown how long it took u/liamoco123 to create this work of art, but it's assumed it wasn't an easy or quick process.

u/liamoco123 is a visual artist with a few other posts on Reddit. Players who wish to view the original post can click here.

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