5 best Minecraft Java Edition farms for a new world

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Any veteran Minecraft player knows how important farms are. There are a wide array of different farms that could be constructed in Minecraft, but most of them are made for the same purpose, to collect as many of a specific item as possible.

While villages in Minecraft demonstrate how players can build more traditional farms, over the years the Minecraft community has thought up a number of wonderful farm creations that let players farm almost any resource in Minecraft, whether it be food, XP or other materials.

Here are some of the five best Minecraft Java Edition farms for a new survival world.

New World Minecraft Farms

#5 - Crop Farms

Farming crops for food can be one of the important parts of starting a new Minecraft survival world. Food is essential as it allows the player to regenerate health, sprint, and avoid death by starvation.

Most crops in Minecraft can be farmed by planting them in dirt that has been turned into farmland by using a hoe. However, the player must keep water near the farmland or else it will turn back into regular dirt.

Players can plant seeds on farmland by left clicking. Once planted, crops will grow slowly until they are fully mature, at which point they can be broken to yield food or the ingredients necessary to make food.

For example, if a player finds seeds after breaking tall grass and plants those seeds on moist farmland, they will eventually sprout into harvestable wheat, which can be crafted into bread that will keep the player’s health and stomach full.

Often times, food farms will incorporate a variety of crops, including carrots, potatoes, beetroot, and wheat. Multiple blocks of farmland can also be kept intact by the same block of water, so players only need to create a one block trench of water with many crops on either side of it.

#4 - Animal Farms

Animal farms, similar to crop farms, can be used to supply the player with food but also have some additional benefits. Minecraft farm animals like chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs will all drop raw meat when killed, which can be cooked in a furnace to keep the player well fed.

Animals in Minecraft often drop other essential items. Sheep drop wool that can be used to craft beds and sleep through the dangerous night, while chickens drop feathers that can be crafted into arrows to keep hostile mobs at bay. Notably, cows also drop leather, which is useful for crafting armor or books for enchanting.

Animal farms are typically created by capturing two of the same kind of animal in fences, and then breeding them using their preferred type of food. Chickens breed when fed seeds, cows and sheep prefer wheat, and pigs can be fed either carrots or beetroot. Breeding animals will not only result in baby animals being born, but will also reward the player with experience points.

#3 - Useful Item Farms

Certain items in Minecraft can be difficult to come by, such as gold or iron, but are used very often. This means that the player will often run out of these items before they are done with the project they are working on. Members of the Minecraft community online have come up with farms that help solve that problem.

Iron farms are made in large villages that contain enough villagers for iron golems to naturally spawn. If the player finds a village that fits this criteria, they can kill iron golems to farm iron. Each iron golem that is killed will drop a few iron ingots, meaning that with some patience or some tricky redstone techniques, the player can potentially get an infinite supply of iron.

Gold farms are also very useful, as gold can be used to craft golden apples to heal the player, or items like powered rails that can be used to get around quickly. To farm gold, players must kill zombified piglins in the Nether. These mobs have a chance to drop gold nuggets, which can be crafted into gold ingots once the player has found enough of them.

Thankfully, zombified piglins spawn at very high rates in the Nether, meaning that the player can make a designated area for gold farming with relative ease.

#2 - Experience Farms

Experience Points or XP can be used to enchant tools and armor to make playing Minecraft a bit easier. Experience Points can be farmed in a number of different ways. Players can add more experience farms as they build up their new Minecraft world.

One of the simplest experience farms can be made using spawners, blocks that naturally spawn in underground dungeons. Spawners will make mobs appear around them, allowing for the player to defeat them and gain experience points. Farming with spawners can be done as soon as the player finds a spawner, but there are ways to make it more efficient.

Experience can also be farmed using furnaces and hoppers, as cooking food or smelting other materials also yields XP to the player. However, a more efficient experience farm can be created with the help of cleric villagers.

After trading with cleric villagers, there is a chance the villagers will offer players bottles o’ Enchanting in exchange for emeralds. These bottles are filled with experience points, and all the player needs to do is throw them on the ground in order to farm experience with ease.

#1 - Fish Farms

The best type of farm for players in a new Minecraft world is one that most people would not expect: a fish farm. Fish farms combine the benefits of many other types of farming, as fishing can provide the player with food, rare items, and experience all at once.

Players can create fish farms that work automatically, meaning that loot can be gathered even if the player is not actively playing Minecraft. Here is a tutorial on how to build a fish farm.


Players who utilize a fish farm can also find very rare and helpful items, such as enchanted books, enchanted tools, armor, food, and even enchanted fishing rods to make the farm more efficient.

With the added benefit of providing the player an easy way to level up, a fish farm could easily be the most helpful kind of farm to build in a new Minecraft world.

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