5 best Minecraft modern mansion designs (2022)

Contemporary mansions are incredibly popular (Image via Mojang)
Contemporary mansions are incredibly popular (Image via Mojang)

Building has been one of the most popular aspects of Minecraft. With the advent of Minecraft creative servers, this has only become more prevalent as Minecraft has aged over the years.

Stylish Minecraft mansions are well known to be one of the most popular things that players like to build for fun. These large houses vary in style and approach, but the end result is always a spacious state-of-the-art house equipped with luxurious amenities.

Whether it be for inspiration or a step-by-step guide, those looking for Minecraft modern mansion designs can check out the list below, which compiles five of the absolute best.

Top five breathtaking contemporary mansion design blueprints in Minecraft

5) Huge modern mansion


Up first is one of the most beautiful and well designed modern mansions on this list. This particular build features a look that comes across very similar to a castle, featuring a great number of fences and windows. For those with an itch to build something rustic with a modern flair, this is a great choice.

In terms of build difficulty, this mansion design is rather easy to build, compared to some of the mansions coming up on this list. However, the fact that it's easy to build doesn't take away from its sheer beauty.

4) Oceanside modern mansion


In this video, popular YouTuber Greg Builds shows off how to build an incredibly large modern oceanside mansion complex. As the name suggests, this build is structured on the edge of an ocean, with a vast yard and guest houses included.

Although this is surely one of the most stylish choices on this list, it's rather difficult to build and will likely take a bit of time. It features many extra add-ons, including a huge outdoor pool and colosseum area. It must be said, this mansion is reminiscent of Tony Stark's mansion in many ways.

3) 3 Floor container white house


If uniqueness is what players are after, then this build by popular Korean YouTuber ManDooMiN takes the cake. The funkiness of this design helps it stand out among its class.

Although esthetically different than the others on this list, it uses a lot of the same materials, including an abundance of quartz and glass for grand windows. This is perfect for having a great view of the outdoors, and isn't too expensive to assemble either.

2) Big modern house


This particular mansion looks incredibly cozy, whilst maintaining a design with a certain sleek and modern flair. While it may be large, every inch of the mansion is thoughtfully detailed, making it perfect for veteran Minecraft builders and newbies alike.

In terms of resource cost, this build does edge on the expensive side due to its generous use of stone bricks, quartz, and stained glass. However, if players can afford it, the end result is certainly worth it.

1) Modern villa style mansion


Last but most certainly not the least is an incredibly stunning mansion built in a uniquely beautiful villa style. It was designed by popular blueprint builder, Akila Gaming, and is perfect for those who long for something just as practical as it is beautiful.

Furthermore, this build particular build comes with all the amenities players could ever want while enjoying survival mode, or Minecraft survival servers with friends. It includes multiple storage rooms, a bathroom, and even a modern kitchen.