5 best Minecraft mods for automation

Automation mods (Imag via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Automation mods (Imag via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, players can automate various functions ranging from mob farms, item sorting, cooking, and more. Many automatic systems rely on redstone to work perfectly.

Even though Minecraft has tons of redstone items, players may feel limited when automating their projects. With the help of mods, players can take automation to the next level.

This article shares some of the best Minecraft mods for automation. These mods introduce a few new redstone components, improve already existing blocks like dispensers, slime blocks, pistons, and more.

Minecraft mods for automation

5) Golden Hopper


Golden Hopper is a simple mod created by famous mod creator MrCrayfish. As obvious from its name, this mod adds golden hoppers and golden hopper minecarts. Golden hoppers act as item sorters. It will only allow specific items to pass through.

Golden hoppers are a readymade item sorter. It is also easy to craft as players only need one hopper, five gold ingots, two redstone dust, and one comparator. Like regular snapshots, combining a golden hopper with a minecart will create a golden minecart hopper.

Download Golden Hopper from here.

4) Advanced Peripherals


Advanced Peripherals is a sci-fi themed mod where players can create artificial intelligence. This AI has the power to manage all the farms of the players while they chill or get other work done.

Players don't need to worry about the AI messing it up, as they can manage everything by using their commands. Along with AI, the Advanced Peripherals mod features many other ways to automate things in Minecraft.

Advanced Peripherals can be downloaded from here.

3) Immersive Engineering


Immersive Engineering mod introduces real-life equipment from various engineering fields. It has powerful machines like excavators which can dig into the ground and mine ore blocks.

In this mod, players can use windmills, waterwheels, and biodiesel as fuel sources. Interested users can read the complete documentation of all features in-game by crafting the Engineer's Manual using a book and a lever.

Download Immersive Engineering from here.

2) Integrated Tunnels


Integrated Tunnels adds tunnel-like blocks capable of moving items in and out of chests. Players will find three types of tunnels: Importers, Exporters and Interfaces. Importers pull items from a location, whereas exporters push items to the desired location.

Interfaces are different from importers and exporters. Interfaces are used for prioritizing specific items. They have many special properties like placing blocks, breaking blocks, collecting them directly, etc.

Players can download the Integrated Tunnels mod from here.

1) Quark


Quark is not an automation focused mod, but it includes many features redstone engineers would love to have in Minecraft. With the Quark mod, players can use chains to connect blocks, dispensers to place blocks, pistons to move tile entities, and so on.

Quark can be downloaded from here.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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