5 best Minecraft mods from Reddit this week

Image via Reddit Image via Reddit (Image via CurseForge) Image via Reddit Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit Image via Reddit (Image via CurseForge) Image via Reddit Image via Reddit

Which Minecraft mods have the internet talking this week?

Minecraft is a great game as it is, however many members of the community find much joy in creating mods for the game. Mods are programs that alter or add to the game in some way. These creative players often share their mods with the community, some of which garner great amounts of attention.

This list details a few Minecraft mods that have been popular this past week on Reddit.

Best Minecraft mods from Reddit this week

#5 - Create Mod

The Create Mod, while not being new to the Minecraft community, is still an ever-popular and highly discussed mod within the community. This mod introduces a whole world of new options for Minecraft players to utilize when it comes to building.

The create mod is also very useful in decorating and automating a Minecraft world, giving a player who knows how to use the mod almost endless possibilities for what can be created (no pun intended) in Minecraft.

Reddit user SleeperPin used the create mod to their advantage this week, and skyrocketed to the front page of Minecraft Reddit with their amazing build.

This creative individual made a fully functional Rubik’s Cube using this mod. Even more impressive, the cube can solve itself.

#4 - Immersive Portals Mod

The Immersive Portals mod is another mod that has been around for a while, however, more and more players are beginning to use it for new and interesting things, earning it a spot as a popular Minecraft mod on Reddit this week.

This interesting addition to Minecraft makes it so that there is no loading screen when moving between dimensions like the nether and the end.

Instead, players can see straight through the portal to the other dimension, even changing views based on where the player is standing in relation to the portal. This small but awesome change to Minecraft can actually be exploited in a number of ways.

One such way is to make awesome creations, as did Reddit user HomiePhobie69. Using the immersive portals mod, this Minecraft player was able to create a fully functional TARDIS from the show Doctor Who.

#3 - Dungeons and Dragons Mod

A Reddit user by the name of WTHStudios recently began explaining and showcasing their process of creating a new mod for Minecraft and was met with a lot of excitement from other members of the Minecraft community.

This mod is based off of the popular role playing fantasy board game Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes stylized as DnD.

This mod adds a few new mobs based on Dungeons and Dragons monsters such as goblins and dragons, as well as a large number of new items. Most of these new items add to Minecraft’s arsenal of weapons, making so players can essentially choose their favorite DnD class to play as.

Additionally, there are some new stylized armors that change the look of your Minecraft character, adding to the roleplaying aspect of the game.

Players can even choose a starter pack of items based on their favorite Dungeons and Dragons class. Once this mod is done, it’s sure to be a huge hit with the Minecraft community on Reddit.

#2 - New Aquarium Mod

Another new mod that has been taking Minecraft Reddit by storm this week is this one by u/God_Elmo. By using this mod, players can now put their favorite pet fish and axolotls into aquariums.

These aquariums are fantastic for showcasing the wide array of aquatic mobs in Minecraft, and can even be used to spice up a house, or in a build such as a research station.

What’s more is that these aquariums also keep the fish safe, making sure that no mobs can come by and kill them and ruin the showcase.

In order to craft an aquarium, players must first put their fish or axolotl of choice into a bucket of water, and then pop them into the crafting table and surround them with glass. While this does get rid of the bucket, it is surely worth it to display the beautiful wildlife in a player’s Minecraft world.

#1 - Chaotic New Mod

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

This mod, currently existing without a proper name, has made Reddit blow up recently. Popular Minecraft YouTuber and Reddit user Cowagames created an addition to Minecraft that is sure to make any playthrough extremely chaotic.

In Cowagames’s new mod, any mob that is hit by a player will instantly transform into a random unit. Every time a mob takes damage, it will turn into another random mob from the game.

This means that a bunny can turn into a vindicator, which can then turn into a creeper, and so on. Be careful when playing this mod, as mobs like the ender dragon can show up unexpectedly.

As showcased in Cowagames’s Youtube video, this new mod makes for great content, and will likely be picked up and used soon by even larger Youtubers to make interesting and hilarious videos. Be on the lookout for this chaotic new mod in weeks to come.


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