5 best Minecraft Redstone creations of all time

Redstone dust (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Redstone dust (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Redstone was introduced to Minecraft in the 1.5 update. Since then, it's become one of the best and most useful items in the game. Gamers have been able to create some really incredible things with redstone.

Even regular players who don't set out to build insane redstone contraptions use the item and make really useful things. All in all, there are not many better items in the game. The best redstone builds are really cool, and here are a few examples.

Best redstone builds in Minecraft

5) Automatic doors

Automatic doors are a very simple part of the game and they don't require a complex understanding of redstone to pull off. That doesn't make them any less impressive, though. An automatic door is something most gamers have built and it has been a staple of the game since the 1.5 update.

4) Vehicles

Vehicle (Image via Alphr)
Vehicle (Image via Alphr)

Vehicles are only made possible through redstone. With pistons, redstone and slime blocks, players have been able to create real, moving vehicles. Though they don't provide much practicality because they're big and slow, they still look quite good.

3) Mumbo Jumbo's vault door


This is one of the more specific entries on this list. Mumbo Jumbo is considered one of the best redstone builders in the Minecraft community and this is one of his most iconic creations. The vault door is a great build and it's a triumph of redstone.

2) Automatic farms

Automatic farms have become a big part of the game. Most gamers don't have a world without at least one automatic farm. This can be used for mobs, sugar cane, smelting, XP and so much more.

Automating the game is arguably the best use of redstone and it shows off the player's versatility, too.

1) Redstone computer

The most difficult thing to make in Minecraft has to be a redstone computer. It requires tons of redstone and redstone items as well as commands and command blocks.

A working computer is one of the biggest flexes players can make because they're so difficult to get working. The computers have been used to emulate other games like Tetris, Pokemon Red, and Wordle.

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