5 best Minecraft seeds for blacksmith villages

Image via YouTube/Skippy 6 Gaming
Image via YouTube/Skippy 6 Gaming
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Manish Kumar Choudhary

In Minecraft, villages are home to different types of villagers. Some villagers have unique houses and working spaces. Farmers have land for farming, whereas leatherworkers and blacksmiths have chests and their workstations.

Blacksmith's chests contain some of the best loot in Minecraft. In these chests, players can get diamonds, iron ingots, iron tools, armor, weapons, and more. Finding a blacksmith house in a village is one of the best things that can happen while speedrunning.

Early-blacksmiths can provide many valuable resources. Using these seeds, players can find blacksmith villages close to their spawn point.

Five best Minecraft seeds for blacksmith villages

#5 - Abandoned Village with Blacksmith near badlands

Image via u/Embarrassed_Bill_
Image via u/Embarrassed_Bill_
  • Seed: -9552767
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: Spawnpoint

In this seed, players spawn near a big abandoned village. Even though this village lacks villagers, players can still find loot chests. This seed also features badland biomes, one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft.

Players can also mine at the two ravines nearby and gather some coal and iron early-game. Players must venture into the deserts to find a temple close to the spawn.

#4 - Village with blacksmith and a spawner nearby

Image via u/Jbelo55
Image via u/Jbelo55
  • Seed: -4154672960165543089
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: spawn point

This Minecraft seed features a blacksmith house in a small desert village. It is attached to a savanna biome. Players can also find a spawner near the spawn and build an XP farm using it.

#3 - Double Blacksmith in a village over a ravine

Image via u/my-name-gym
Image via u/my-name-gym
  • Seed: -424445008
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: -699/107/213

Players can find a village with two blacksmiths in the above-mentioned coordinates. There is also a village at -309/76/252 and -762/69/599.

These villages generate above a ravine. Players can get lots of resources by just traveling a few hundred blocks.

#2 - Two villages nearby with one blacksmith

Image via u/Serrot_diaz_9_6
Image via u/Serrot_diaz_9_6
  • Seed: -91835678
  • Version: Bedrock Edition: 1.16
  • Coordinate: 123/69/38

Players can find many things in this Minecraft seed. At spawn, players can find two villages close to each other. One of these villages has a blacksmith house. Other than villages, there is a pillager outpost and a desert temple as well.

By travelling a few hundred blocks in Positive X and Z axis, players can find shattered savannah and bamboo jungle biomes.

#1 - Broken 12 Blacksmith Seed

Image via YouTube/Skippy 6 Gaming
Image via YouTube/Skippy 6 Gaming
  • Seed: 1423700973
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinate: 370/70/344

It is one of the most broken and glitched seeds in Minecraft. With this Bedrock seed, players can find 12 blacksmith houses in a single village. Many players don't even know that something like this could exist. This village contains tons of loot inside the blacksmith houses.

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