5 best Minecraft Twitch streamers of 2021

Minecraft is extremely popular on the Twitch streaming platform (Image via Twitch)
Minecraft is extremely popular on the Twitch streaming platform (Image via Twitch)
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2021 was a massive year for the Minecraft Twitch scene, with many notable events this year.

Every year video game streaming is getting more popular thanks to platforms such as Twitch. As the platform has grown, so has the relevance of its game streamers, with many Minecraft Twitch streamers becoming increasingly popular.

As 2021 draws close, this article overviews some of the best and most popular Minecraft Twitch streamers that stood out this year.

Minecraft Twitch streamers that stood out in 2021

5) RanbooLive


Ranboo is a highly popular Minecraft Twitch streamer known for his DreamSMP "lore streams." He's also a beloved character on the DreamSMP server, and things definitely would not be the same without him.

2021 was a huge year for Ranboo, and his popularity has only increased and is still on a major uptrend. As of right now, he is also one of the most viewed Twitch channels with over 4 million followers and streams almost daily.

4) Tubbo


Tubbo is another prominent member of the DreamSMP server and is loveable for many reasons. He quickly rose to popularity thanks to being featured in many TommyInnits videos, a close friend.

Tubbo is also known to stream his own modded SMP series and occasionally Minecraft Skyblock. An interesting fact about Tubbo is that his sister, Lani Smith, is also highly popular on Twitch and has amassed an incredible 511k followers on the platform.

3) TommyInnit


Yet another member of the DreamSMP server, TommyInnit, will undoubtedly be a familiar face for any fan of the Twitch Minecraft scene. Humorously described as the "incredibly influential gamer," TommyInnit streams a wide range of content, ranging from DreamSMP content to trying out weird and wonderful Minecraft mods.

2021 was huge for Tommy and his Twitch channel now boasts an incredible 7 million followers. In terms of views, TommyInnit has managed to rake in an astonishing 61 million of them throughout his Twitch career.

2) GeorgeNotFound


GeorgeNotFound is a highly popular 25-year-old English Minecraft Twitch streamer. He's most notable for his Minecraft challenge videos, which are a big part of what allowed him to rise to fame in 2019.

Averaging over 1 million total views per stream, GeorgeNotFound is one of the most popular streamers on the entire Twitch platform. George has also experimented with non-Minecraft-related streams such as crab game and IRL-related content.

1) Dream


Dream, also known as "Dreamwastaken" on Twitch, is currently without question the most popular Minecraft content creator on both YouTube and Twitch.

Dream clocks in millions of unique views per stream and many find his streams extremely entertaining to watch. This is primarily thanks to the fact that Dream is a highly-skilled Minecraft player at heart and has contributed to many professional speedruns over the years.

If 2021 is anything to go by, 2022 will also be a massive year for Dream. Only time will tell what's next for this hugely popular Minecraft content creator, but if there's something for sure, the journey will be worth watching.

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