5 best mobs to tame in Minecraft 1.18 update

Tamed Wolf and Cat (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Tamed Wolf and Cat (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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The Minecraft 1.18 update finally came out on November 30, bringing loads of changes to the beloved open-world survival game. With this, the Caves and Cliffs update is complete. The Minecraft 1.18 update also changes a few things for mobs in the game.

Mobs are A.I. entities that enhance the player experience and breathe life into the Minecraft world. There are all sorts of mobs in the game, but some of them are tamable by the player. Players can keep these animal mobs with themselves, as each of them have some special abilities and behaviors.

Top 5 mobs to tame in Minecraft 1.18 update

Taming certain animal mobs in Minecraft has been a feature for years, but new players are constantly joining Minecraft and will be playing the new Minecraft 1.18 update for the first time.

Keeping this in mind, these are the 5 best mobs to tame in Minecraft.

5) Parrots

Parrots (Image via Minecraft)
Parrots (Image via Minecraft)

Parrots are amusing little passive mobs who are only found in the jungle biome. They are fascinating multi-colored creatures and can be tamed by feeding them seeds. After they are tamed, they will follow players anywhere they go. They can also sit on the player's shoulders and mimic sounds of various hostile mobs as a prank.

4) Horses

Horse & Baby horse (Image via Minecraft)
Horse & Baby horse (Image via Minecraft)

Horses are another mob which can be tamed by players. They are excellent for traversing through land, as horses can easily climb mountains, jump high, and ride fast.

In the Minecraft 1.18 update, horses can be lured in if a player is holding a golden apple, enchanted golden apple or a golden carrot. These food items can also be used to breed horses.

3) Cats

Cats laying on a bed (Image via Minecraft)
Cats laying on a bed (Image via Minecraft)

Cats are one of the best mobs in Minecraft 1.18 update. Cats can be found in all types of villages, and are tamed with raw cod or salmon. The only tricky part is that players will have to sneak or chase a cat and feed it enough food to tame them. Cats are excellent, as creepers are afraid of cats and won't come near.

2) Wolves

Tamed wolf vs wild wolf (Image via Minecraft)
Tamed wolf vs wild wolf (Image via Minecraft)

Another brilliant mob for pets are Wolves. These can be found in forests and usually spawn in packs of four. They can be tamed by feeding them bones. They are an excellent ally to players, as wolves can fight various hostile mobs.

1) Axolotls

Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)
Axolotls (Image via Minecraft)

Axolotls are rare friendly mobs that were introduced in the Minecraft 1.17 update and only spawned in the Lush Cave Biome from Minecraft 1.18 update. These cute predators can be tamed with a tropical fish. Although they can't be completely tamed, players can gain their trust and they won't be despawned.

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