5 best seeds for Minecraft jungle biomes

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Jungles are among the rarest biomes to find in Minecraft.

Though uncommon, these biomes tend to have lots to explore and plenty to offer Minecraft players who are able to locate one. The beloved and adorable panda mob can be found in jungle biomes. Jungle biomes are also more than ideal for specifically themed build ideas that need a tropical environment.

For those in search of a Minecraft world that provides incredible jungle terrain, look no further. The following is a list of five awesome seeds for jungle biomes in Minecraft.

Great Minecraft jungle biome seeds

#5 - Stronghold jungle

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Seed: 45912551460541

Coordinates: -1336, 104

Posted on Reddit by user Killstepz, this seed has a jungle biome on its own island. Conveniently located directly beneath the island, players can find the stronghold to the End dimension.

What’s more, this seed will spawn players in a mushroom island, which is another extremely rare biome to find. Based on the finds so far, this lucky seed surely has many more wonders to be discovered as well.

This seed was found on Java Edition 1.16.

#4 - Big jungle, little badlands

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Seed: 7371967128927

Found again by Reddit user Killstepz, this seed features an incredibly large jungle biome that surrounds a small badlands biome. This is remarkable as both biomes tend to be very rare to find in Minecraft worlds.

Killstepz also noted that roughly -200 blocks from spawn, there is a ruined portal and jungle temple as well. This world clearly has a lot to offer to any player who chooses to explore it.

This seed was found in Java Edition 1.16.

#3 - Jungle as far as the eye can see

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Seed: 2846244733539626719

This massive jungle is great for any player who claims the jungle as their favorite biome. In this seed, players will spawn in a jungle hills biome, and perhaps never make it out. This terrain provides Minecraft players with much to explore.

For upwards of thousands of blocks surrounding the spawn point, there is nothing but jungle and some surrounding ocean. What makes this seed even better is the many structures within the biome. There are at least two ruined portals and two jungle temples, probably even more, within less than a thousand block radius.

This seed is confirmed to be available for Java Edition 1.17, but has not been tested in any other version of Minecraft.

#2 - Isolated island

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Seed: 7777777777988733304

This seed is perfect for Minecraft players in search of a remote tropical lifestyle. Available on Java Edition for any version at or above 1.16, players who use this seed will spawn in this isolated jungle that has plenty to offer.

This awesome jungle island was first discovered by Reddit user Plebiain. Incredibly, the island is home to not one, but two shipwrecks. Plus, there is even a buried treasure map for players to follow and get even more loot.

The ruined portal on this island brings it all together. This island has everything a player could need to survive and even go to the nether. This seed has perhaps the most ideal world generation for a pirate themed Minecraft life.

#1 - Modified with a mansion

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Seed: -2924912394841125808

Coordinates: 64, 71, -52

Reddit user MrBending is to thank for this seed discovery. Just a few hundred blocks away from spawn, players on this seed will find a woodland mansion - one of the hardest structures to come by in the game - right next to a modified jungle edge biome: the rarest biome in Minecraft by far.

This is one of the most impressive spawn points players can encounter. Many Minecraft players still have not been able to locate a modified jungle edge after years of searching, but with this seed, there is one just steps away from spawn. Those who dare venture into the woodland mansion next door are sure to collect some awesome loot as well.

This seed was also found in Minecraft Java Edition.

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