5 of the best streamers on the Minecraft Dream SMP

There are several popular streamers on the Dream SMP (Image via GamePlayerr)
There are several popular streamers on the Dream SMP (Image via GamePlayerr)
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Hannah (Tyler) Dahlberg

The Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP) has become one of the most popular private multiplayer servers on the face of the internet. Every Minecrafter has heard of the infamous "Dream SMP" at least once.

In May 2020, Clay "Dream" created the whitelisted, multiplayer server merely as a place for him and some friends to stream on together. The server was popular, but it became even more so with the eventual inclusion of Tommy "TommyInnit."

The young content creator is often credited as one of the catalysts for the lore, plot, and discourse the server is now known for. Since then, several more such creators have joined and taken their own paths towards the ever-expanding lore of Dream SMP.

Every content creator on the server has significantly contributed to the lore. However, this begs the question: who are the best content creators on the Dream SMP?

Disclaimer: This article features the author's opinions. It is up to the reader to decide the placement and inclusion of certain streamers on this list.

5 of the best content creators on the Dream SMP

Here are some of the best streamers on Minecraft Dream SMP:

5) Technoblade


Technoblade has been one of the biggest sources of anarchy since the early days of Dream SMP. However, his character has a lot of loyalty and depth behind the fire that wants all forms of law and order to burn.

His content outside of the server is equally as legendary as his character on the Dream SMP. He specializes in player-versus-player combat, and certain minigames that emphasize that category of gameplay, such as Bedwars.

4) Quackity


Alex "Quackity" has long been a lawfully chaotic member of the Dream SMP. His character on the server has only begun to really pick up and develop, making for an interesting rise with his expanding lore.

Quackity's content outside of the server has as much boisterous personality as his character on the Dream SMP. He creates a variety of content, from collaborations with other members of the server to talent shows that he hosts on Discord.

3) TommyInnit


Tommy "TommyInnit" has always been a fan-favorite member of the Dream SMP. His bold, loud personality manages to be frustratingly charming and infectious, and his character on the server somehow manages to be just as intriguing as the content creator himself.

Outside of his "lore streams" on the server, his content ranges from vlogs, challenge videos, and more.

2) Dream


Clay "Dream" is both the founder of the server itself and the lore's most daunting antagonist who is now most infamously locked up in a prison of his own creation.

Dream's familiar cute blob icon is now seen almost everywhere due to his immense popularity. His infamy comes not just from his contribution and creation of the Dream SMP; he is also known for his speedrunning as well as his "Minecraft Manhunt" series.

1) Ranboo


Ranboo was one of the first members of the server to create an in-depth backstory for his own character on Dream SMP. His character development encouraged other members of the server to expand on their own character's backstories, and there are now dozens of individual storylines intertwining with each other on Dream SMP.

Hi hello streaming the dreamsmp tonight see you then okay bye

Ranboo's content outside of his streams — including the ones on the server — is pretty random, but every upload on his channel is almost sure to be good. He often features in vlogs, cooking videos, as well as various videos that he's collaborated on with other members of the Dream SMP.

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