5 best ways to get ancient debris in Minecraft 1.19 update

Ancient Debris and Netherite (Image via Mojang)
Ancient Debris and Netherite (Image via Mojang)

Netherite is extremely valuable in Minecraft. Although Diamonds are important acquisitions, Netherite is a top rarity for tools and armor. The 1.19 update did nothing to change that, despite making some substantial changes to the game.

Ancient Debris is found in the Nether. It then gets smelted into Netherite scraps, four of which are combined with gold ingots to make one Netherite ingot.

In that regard, Ancient Debris is the first thing players need to find. Here's how to do it.

The best ways to collect Ancient Debris in Minecraft version 1.19

5) End crystals

An end crystal (Image via Mojang)
An end crystal (Image via Mojang)

End crystals will explode if Minecraft players touch them. They cause a pretty significant explosion, which makes them useful for finding Ancient Debris in the game.

Here's the safest way to do it:

  1. Go to height level Y 11-13 in the Nether.
  2. Put down an obsidian block on the ground.
  3. Place an end crystal on it.
  4. Travel back as far as possible.
  5. Shoot the crystal with an arrow.

End crystals are difficult to make, which is why this method isn't always the best way to go about it. However, it can work efficiently.

4) Chest loot

Found a Bastion Remnant but I was finding a Nether Fortress, so I ain't going there for now

Despite being one of the rarest and most difficult items to acquire, Ancient Debris can be found in a few chests. These Minecraft chests are rare and the chances of having Ancient Debris blocks are small. However, they can be found in a Bastion Remnant:

  • Generic chest 13.5% (one block)
  • Treasure chest 12.7% (two blocks)
  • Hoglin stable chest 5.7% (two blocks, one in Bedrock)

3) Good-old fashioned mining

The simplest method for finding Ancient Debris in Minecraft is not the most enjoyable, but it doesn't require any extra items or steps. All players have to do is go mining for it.

Ancient Debris can only be mined with diamond and Netherite pickaxes, so players must have one on hand. Furthermore, this resource is very rare in Minecraft, so mining for it will take time. A chunk usually has one to two blocks in it, so it does require some luck.

2) TNT explosions

Mining Ancient Debris (Image via u/SubTerminalVelocity on Reddit)
Mining Ancient Debris (Image via u/SubTerminalVelocity on Reddit)

Since explosions are the best way to clear out space and reveal any potential Ancient Debris blocks, TNT is the ideal choice. TNT blocks only need sand and gunpowder to make, both of which aren't difficult to acquire. The only problem is that, unless Minecraft players have flaming arrows or even fire charges, TNT has to be ignited from close enough, which can be dangerous.

Despite the risks, this is one of the best ways to look for Ancient Debris. This reveals a lot more space than mining does and is easier to accomplish than making end crystals.

1) Exploding beds

been trying to find ancient debris with a bed, TNT and pickaxe.the most easiest is using pickaxe with efficiency i found more ancient debris. using pickaxe = 29 total ancient debris|bed = 0TNT = 0

Out of all the explosive items in the game, beds are the easiest to acquire. Beds don't normally explode unless used in the wrong dimension. Players need one bed to sleep in, but extras can be put to good use to explode large areas in the Nether, revealing potential Ancient Debris blocks.

This method is the same as the TNT one, which means players do face an inherent risk. Again, they need to move as far away from the bed as possible, perhaps even placing a block in front of them before clicking on the bed. If they're lucky, that explosion will reveal a couple blocks of Ancient Debris.

If not, it might open a path for lava to flow down and kill players.

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