5 best ways to protect your base in Minecraft

Ways to defend a base in Minecraft (Image via/MegaCrafter10 on Reddit)
Ways to defend a base in Minecraft (Image via/MegaCrafter10 on Reddit)
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Manish Kumar Choudhary

For many Minecrafters, the home base is their most priceless possession. This is where they store their valuable items, come back to sleep, keep their posts, etc. However, a base comprises blocks that can easily fall prey to enemy players or hostile mobs.

Given the vulnerability of the base, protection is a top priority for all players. The last thing any player would want to experience is a pillaged base or one destroyed by a creeper. In multiplayer Minecraft servers, griefed bases are an expected outcome. Players must take measures to safeguard their property.

While protecting the base against enemy players is challenging, defending against mobs can be more easily achieved.

Explore these tactics to defend a base in Minecraft

5) Use walls

Walls were added to the game with the idea of keeping enemies outside the base. But over time, it has become a decorative block for most players. But walls are a cheap way to prevent monsters from entering a base.

Judging by appearance, players might notice that the wall's height is smaller than a block. But surprisingly, a wall is two blocks tall. So it will be a challenge for any player or mob trying to jump it. Surround your base with walls to keep monsters at bay.

4) Add barrier


Even though the walls get the job done, they can look ugly when placed alone. Like walls, there are other blocks that mobs can avoid touching. Players can make a border around their base using blocks like lava, berry bushes, cactus, magma blocks, etc., to keep mobs away.

Players can create a barrier for their base by using blocks that can hurt mobs. The algorithm of mobs prevents them from taking any form of damage.

3) Keep cats and wolves

Wolves keep certain mobs away (Image via Mojang)
Wolves keep certain mobs away (Image via Mojang)

Cats and wolves are two of the most common pet-type mobs in Minecraft. Both can be tamed easily. Mobs made up of bones such as skeletons, strays, and wither skeletons are scared of wolves and flee after seeing one. Similarly, creepers are also scared of cats for some mysterious reason.

Players can keep wolves and cats at the entrance of their base and in other areas to keep skeletons and creepers away. Cats and wolves are also used in creeper and wither skeleton farms.

2) Deploy traps


Redstone is a fantastic feature in Minecraft. Many redstone items allow players to build some fantastic contraptions. Players can use redstone to create traps for any enemy who comes to their base. The above video features various fun and practical traps.

1) Iron golem and snow golem


Snow and iron golems are excellent for defending bases against monsters because they automatically attack the most hostile mobs. Iron golems deliver melee attacks as they possess high health, while snow golems have ranged attacks but are low health.

Players can summon snow golems on towers to attack enemies from a safe distance. Iron golems are tanky mobs with high attack strength. But they eventually lose health and require players to heal them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's views.

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