Iron Golem vs Snow Golem in Minecraft: How different are the mobs?

Snow golem Minecraft (Image via YouTube)
Snow golem Minecraft (Image via YouTube)
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Iron golems and Snow golems have many similarities and differences in Minecraft. These two summonable mobs have been around for many years in Minecraft and continue to serve their purposes to players.

Iron golems and Snow golems are both very useful to players, as they will help keep hostile mobs away during the nights. What makes these mobs great is their loyalty and ease of access.

But many new players may not know the differences between these two mobs. They have similar names and perform similar tasks, and it's common for new Minecraft players to get the two confused. Here's a list of differences and similarities between these two helpful Minecraft mobs.

Differences between iron golems and snow golems in Minecraft


lron golems and Snow golems are similar in the fact that they're golems. They both share similar colors, but that's where the similarities end.

Iron golem appearance (Image via
Iron golem appearance (Image via

Iron golems are much taller than the player - about four blocks tall. These creatures are mostly white and gray with vines cascading down their bodies. They have large builds, and their heads resemble the shape of villagers. These guys are made of iron and can occasionally be seen carrying roses.

Snow golem appearance (Image via gamergeekz)
Snow golem appearance (Image via gamergeekz)

Snow golems, on the other hand, are smaller - about the player's size. Their heads are orange and made of pumpkins, and their bodies are made of snow and are white. These mobs resemble Minecraft's classic snowman.


Villagers summoning

Minecraft villagers (Image via Reddit)
Minecraft villagers (Image via Reddit)

Iron golems and Snow golems may both be summoned by players, but Iron golems are the only mob of the two that can be summoned by villagers.

Villagers may not be able to place any iron or pumpkin block to spawn the iron golem, but in the game's mechanics, when a villager group is gossiping or panicking, they are able to summon an iron golem. These villagers have 10 attempts to summon it, and if it doesn't summon, then the villagers won't be able to summon an iron golem for a given period of time.

Iron golems also generate naturally in large villages. When villages have 20 beds and 10 villagers, iron golems are almost destined to spawn to protect the villagers. Smaller villages aren't so lucky, and players must interfere to get them an iron golem.



Iron golems and Snow golems may both be golems, but this doesn't mean they behave in a similar way. Iron golems' main purpose is to protect and defend their village. These mobs never wander far away from villages, and if the player spawns them far away from a village, they will try to make their way towards the nearest one. Snow golems, on the other hand, usually wander around the world. They will not follow the player, but if the player is nearby, they will protect them.

Health and attack damage

Iron golems and Snow golems each have their own health bar and attack damage. Iron golems are much stronger than snow golems because of their iron status. These mobs are actually one of the strongest in the game. Iron golems have 100 health points and do anywhere from 7.5 to 21.5 attack points to mobs.


Snow golems are much weaker than iron golems. These mobs have a measely four health points, and don't do any attack damage to mobs. Snow golems are usually only used for keeping mobs away, not killing them.

Similarities between iron golems and snow golems in Minecraft

Creation and summoning

Iron golems and snow golems can both be summoned by the player in Minecraft. Each of the creatures requires a pumpkin head on top of their different bodies.

Iron golems are summoned when the player places four iron blocks in the shape of a scarecrow. The player can then place a pumpkin on top of the four iron blocks to get an iron golem.

Snow golems are summoned when a player places two snow blocks on top of each other and then a pumpkin on top. Snow golems can also be built horizontally, and very rarely spawn naturally because of this.

When summoning both of these mobs, the pumpkin head must be placed last.



Iron golems and Snow golems are both on the player's side when it comes to mobs. These two will attack any hostile mob that comes towards the player. While snow golems can't really hurt the mobs, they will still attack anything hostile.

Iron golems don't necessarily care about the player's health unless the player summoned them in particular. Iron golems are mostly hostile to mobs because they feel the need to protect their villages.

Who would win in a fight?

Iron golem vs snow golem in Minecraft (Image via YouTube)
Iron golem vs snow golem in Minecraft (Image via YouTube)

Iron golems would win in a fight against snow golems in Minecraft in a heartbeat. It is possible for these two to fight in vanilla Minecraft. The iron golem has so much more health and attack potential than the snow golem that it would be nearly impossible for the latter to win in a fight.

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