5 best wheat farm designs in Minecraft (2022)

Wheat, wheat seeds, and bread (Image via Minecraft)
Wheat, wheat seeds, and bread (Image via Minecraft)

Wheat is one of the most common and easy to grow crops in Minecraft. The crop is grown using wheat seeds, which can be obtained by breaking grass. Each tuft of grass can drop either 0 or 1 wheat seeds.

Wheat farms can also be found in villages, which are looked after by farmers. Breaking a fully grown wheat crop drops bread, which is one of the primary early-game food sources.


Player-made wheat farms are some of the most common farms in the game. This is because they are easy to build, and the materials required to build them can be easily obtained. All players need to do is collect wheat seeds, convert dirt to farmland using a hoe, and right-click on the farmland to plant the wheat seeds.

This article will showcase some of the coolest wheat farm designs on the internet.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

Top 5 exemplary wheat farms in Minecraft

5) Simple 9x9 farm

A simple wheat farm (Image via Minecraft)
A simple wheat farm (Image via Minecraft)

The simple farm can also be called the 'default' crop farm design. This design comes straight from the game’s wiki, and it is widely used by beginners and seasoned players alike. Players need to mark an area that is nine blocks wide and nine blocks long. The block in the middle of the area is left empty for water to go in. Other blocks should be converted to farmland using a hoe with the '/give' command, or by going into creative mode.

4) Using walls or fences

A wall with a torch (Image via Minecraft)
A wall with a torch (Image via Minecraft)

This technique is great for protecting one’s farm from hostile mobs and other hostile entities who can destroy or grief the farm. Using blocks like walls or fences to surround the farm can be highly beneficial. Additionally, players can use the blocks to set up torches or lanterns as light sources, in order to stop the mobs from spawning near the farm in the first case.

3) Fully automatic Wheat farm


Automatic farms require little to no work after the build of the farm has been completed. This automatic wheat farm, designed by YouTuber Dusty Dude, is quite simple and convenient. The design works in the following way:

  • Farmland is used to plant wheat seeds.
  • A farmer villager is brought to work on the farm.
  • The player must make sure that the farmer’s inventory gets full at some point.
  • After this, the farmer will drop all collected wheat onto the ground.
  • Since farmland is not a full block, players can put hoppers beneath it to transfer the wheat crop to a secure location.

2) Semi-Automatic Wheat Farm


This semi-automatic wheat farm design is quite popular in the Minecraft community. Popular YouTuber Felix “Pewdiepie” has also made use of this technique in the past. However, the difference between his farm and this farm is that Pewdiepie’s farm had villagers replanting the wheat seeds, thereby making his farm automatic. However, on this farm, players will have to replant the wheat seeds themselves.

Players will need redstone dust, buttons, dispensars, hoppers, and chests. The functionality is quite simple. Once the farm is fully grown, players need to hit a button that they have installed near the redstone circuit beneath the farm.


This button will activate the dispensary at the top of the farm, which will shoot out water into the farm, which will drive the crops towards the hoppers, which will then fill the chest up with wheat and seeds.

1) Compact AFK wheat farm


This easy-to-make, all-purpose Minecraft crop farm is fully automatic and has a compact design. Players can go AFK while the farm does its work. Players will need a ton of different blocks, minecarts, hoppers, a villager, water buckets, redstone torches, powered rails, regular rails, a composter, walls, slabs, and more for this build.


The farm uses minecarts and hoppers to collect the wheat and deposit it into chests for players to collect later. Players will need to build a small underground area for the chests and minecarts.

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