5 most common blocks in Minecraft

A birch forest (Image via
A birch forest (Image via
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Modified 01 May 2021
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Many Minecraft players focus on the rarest and most valuable blocks when they play, but this leaves out many valuable and common Minecraft blocks.

There are plenty of blocks that are common in Minecraft. Most players could probably name quite a few everyday Minecraft items, including dirt, wood, cobblestone, gravel, and sand. These blocks are what players see the most when they play Minecraft.

Without certain standard blocks like wood, players wouldn't be able to make half the items necessary for long-term survival in the game. Here are the most common blocks in the game for those who are curious or new to Minecraft.

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Five common Minecraft blocks

#1 - Dirt

A dirt hut (Image via Reddit)
A dirt hut (Image via Reddit)

Dirt blocks are usually one of the first that players collect in Minecraft. These blocks are common in almost every single biome in Minecraft. They make up the first few y-levels of the ground until the terrain slowly fades into stone.

Dirt blocks aren't used to craft many items, but they still have value. New players will especially use dirt blocks to build small huts on their first night in Minecraft.

Dirt is also a helpful material to use when building bases. Players can put temporary dirt blocks around their structures to easily get up to higher places in their builds.

#2 - Wood

Different wood variants (Image via Reddit)
Different wood variants (Image via Reddit)

Wood is a prevalent block in Minecraft. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of trees in any given world, and each is made up of different variations of wood. There are six different wood variants in-game.

Wood blocks come in many different forms, including wood blocks, stripped wood, and wooden planks. Wood blocks are also essential for many crafting recipes.

#3 - Gravel

A small gravel biome (Image via curseforge)
A small gravel biome (Image via curseforge)

Gravel is a very common block found both on the surface and in Minecraft's underground. Gravel blocks are subject to gravity, meaning if a player places them in the air, they will fall onto the block below them.

When players dig up gravel blocks, there's a chance for a piece of flint to drop instead of another gravel block. This is the only way to get flint in Minecraft without trading or finding flint in a naturally generated chest.

#4 - Sand

Sand in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft.wikia)
Sand in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft.wikia)

Sand blocks are found very commonly near bodies of water and in desert biomes in Minecraft. Sand is similar to dirt in desert biomes as it makes up the first few y-levels near the surface.

There's usually a layer of sandstone underneath the sand layer, and further underneath the sandstone is Minecraft's most common block, stone.

#5 - Stone

A stone illustration (Image via Reddit)
A stone illustration (Image via Reddit)

Stone blocks are by far the most common block in Minecraft. These blocks make up almost all of the game's underground and are readily available for players to mine.

When players mine stone blocks, they're picked up as cobblestone blocks. To get stone blocks in the player's inventory, they must either dig up the stone blocks with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe or smelt the stone in a furnace.

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Published 01 May 2021
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