5 Different staircase ideas in Minecraft

Grand staircase (Image via Reddit)
Grand staircase (Image via Reddit)
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Modified 01 May 2021
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Staircases are a great addition to any player's Minecraft build. Players can build staircases in many different styles and sizes. There are many different building materials at the player's disposal, including but not limited to staircase blocks and slabs.

Staircases have been around since the early days of Minecraft, and ever since then players have been creating new staircase designs to use. There are currently 48 different staircase variants. Minecraft updates 1.17 plans to add even more staircase variants to the game.

Players are excited about putting these different stair materials to good use. Here are a few staircase ideas to inspire and help players build their own personalized staircases in Minecraft.

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Top 5 staircase ideas for Minecraft bases

#1 - Grand Double Staircase

Double grand staircase entrance (Image via capepac)
Double grand staircase entrance (Image via capepac)

Grand double staircases are when the player builds two sets of staircases right next to each other. These two staircases are often symmetrical and lead to the same floor or location.

These grand staircases are great for mansions or large builds. Players oftentimes put them at the entrance of their build to create an atmosphere of grandeur. They often decorate the ceiling with a chandelier, and glass designs to let natural light illuminate it.

Players can also decorate the stairs themselves by adding in slabs, railings, carpets, and different staircase variants in the middle of their staircase to outline the center.

#2 - Sprawling slabs

Use of slabs to stylize an entrance (Image via Pinterest)
Use of slabs to stylize an entrance (Image via Pinterest)

Slabs are an often overlooked block in Minecraft, but this block can be used to create a lot of new dimensions and personality in staircase builds. Reference the picture above as an example.

Slabs can be staggered at spots around the staircase in varying patterns. For players using stone brick slabs, it's recommended to try and add a few broken or mossy stone brick slabs to add different colors and features to the build.

#3 - Spiral madness

Spiral staircase design (Image via Pinterest)
Spiral staircase design (Image via Pinterest)

Spiral staircases are great for smaller and compact builds, or even for treehouses. Spiral staircases are when stairs wrap around a block or even a few blocks and continue to spiral upwards until they reach the top.

Spiral staircases can be extremely narrow or very wide, depending on the player's personal preferences. Players need to add some sort of siding or railing around their staircase though, as spiral staircases are very easy to fall off of.

#4 - Flat breaks

Staircase with breaks in it (Image via Reddit)
Staircase with breaks in it (Image via Reddit)

Sometimes slow and steady wins the game. That's why staircases with a few flat breaks in them can sometimes entice players more than those that just go straight up.

Whether the staircase is continuing straight or making turns, a few breaks in the stairs can add some much needed variation to any player's build.

#5 - Some added twists

Twisting staircase in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)
Twisting staircase in Minecraft (Image via Pinterest)

Adding a few twists and turns into a staircase can add character to a build. Staircases that stay straight in one direction can sometimes feel boring or overused to players. Players should add a few distinct characteristics like a twist.

Twists also help the staircase flow easier instead of having to create breaks for the stairs to turn in a certain direction.

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Published 01 May 2021
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