5 facts players likely didn't know about end crystals in Minecraft

End crystals (Image via Reddit)
End crystals (Image via Reddit)

Minecraft is full of many explosives, some craftable and others being mobs. End crystals are one such craftable explosive, initially found in the end dimension.

When players enter the end dimension to fight the Ender Dragon, they must first take out all the end crystals on top of the large towers. These end crystals are responsible for healing the Ender Dragon during the fight, and when players take it out, the mob can no longer heal itself.

End crystals explode with around the same force as a charged creeper, so players should be very well protected when dealing with them. They will most definitely be knocked out of the large obsidian pillars in the end, if they try to take out the end crystals manually. Gamers should always try to destroy end crystals from afar using a bow and arrow, snowballs, or other methods.

Most players know this, but here are some facts that they might not necessarily know about these elusive crystals.

Five facts players about Minecraft end crystals players might not know

#1 - Respawning the Ender Dragon

Minecraft respawning Ender Dragon (Image via gamingstackexchange)
Minecraft respawning Ender Dragon (Image via gamingstackexchange)

End crystals have many uses. One of them is respawning the Ender Dragon. If a player places four end crystals on each side of an end portal, then the Ender Dragon will respawn.

This is currently the only way to respawn the Ender Dragon in the game, making end crystals a very valuable resource.

#2 - Crafting


In Minecraft Java Edition 1.9 the developers of the game added an option to craft end crystals. This made respawning the Ender Dragon completely possible in Minecraft, and instantly became a task for experienced players.

To craft an end crystal, the player needs seven glass blocks, an eye of the ender, and ghast tear. The latter two items are relatively complicated to obtain in Minecraft, which means end crystals can be used as a sign of status for some players.

#3 - 2b2t combat

2b2t end crystal (Image via Reddit)
2b2t end crystal (Image via Reddit)

For those unfamiliar, 2b2t is the most popular anarchy server in Minecraft. On this insane server, players are often too advanced to have standard sword fights or use traditional PVP methods. Players have resorted to using end-crystal combat against each other in the game.

End crystals can be placed on both bedrock and obsidian, so players will often place end crystals along the obsidian highways and blocks that fill the server.

#4 - Entity status

Lots of end crystals (Image via YouTube)
Lots of end crystals (Image via YouTube)

End crystals are not actually a block in Minecraft. They are a sudo-block tile entity, and can only be found naturally in the end. These entities also have a hitbox and health status. Their health is essentially zero; however, it takes very little to make an end crystal explode.

#5 - Galactic alphabet

Minecraft's alphabet (Image via planetminecraft)
Minecraft's alphabet (Image via planetminecraft)

The end crystal's design is surely an interesting one. It consists of a floating spherical figure, with purple coloring and a seeming glass casing around it. On the purple part of the end crystal though, players can see characters of the Galactic alphabet. It's a mystery as to if these letterings have any deeper meaning.

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