5 fastest ways to travel in Minecraft (2021)

Buddies in a boat (Image via Mojang)
Buddies in a boat (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft worlds are incredibly large and expansive, full of many locations to explore. However, getting from place to place in Minecraft isn’t always easy, and it can especially be quite time consuming.

Luckily, there are many effective options for Minecraft gamers to utilize when it comes time to travel far and wide. For those who don’t wish to wait forever to find a new biome or structure by traveling on foot, these are some of the fastest methods of getting from place to place in Minecraft.

The fastest methods of traveling in Minecraft

5) Railways

A railway system (Image via Mojang)
A railway system (Image via Mojang)

One way to speed up travel in Minecraft is through the use of railways and minecarts. Players can build a transportation system in their Minecraft worlds to help them move from one important location to the next.

While riding in minecarts on railways will speed up travel, the creation of a transit system is typically quite a large project. Planning and construction will probably be time consuming, but it could be worth it in the end.

4) Nether

The Nether to overworld ratio makes traveling faster (Image via Mojang)
The Nether to overworld ratio makes traveling faster (Image via Mojang)

Players travel eight times the same distance while in the Nether, making it ultimately faster in terms of travel. Even those who wish to get from place to place in the overworld can utilize the Nether for quicker travel.

The key is to build multiple portals at significant locations in the overworld and connect pathways between each portal in the Nether. This way, moving from one area of a Minecraft world to another is eight times faster than it would be traveling in the overworld.

3) Soul Speed

Traveling using Soul Speed boots (Image via Mojang)
Traveling using Soul Speed boots (Image via Mojang)

Soul sand is notably annoying to walk on as it slows the regular walking pace down significantly. With the soul speed enchantment, available exclusively for boots, players can move extra fast on the Nether blocks instead of slower.

For traveling in the overworld, one could opt to make soul sand pathways and utilize their Soul Speed enchanted boots to move much quicker than ever before.

Plus, the Soul Speed enchantment has three different levels: I, II, and III. The higher the enchantment level, the faster players will move when wearing the boots.

2) Boat on Ice

A player traveling via boat and ice (Image via Mojang)
A player traveling via boat and ice (Image via Mojang)

Boats are ideal for traveling far distances in large oceans. That isn’t their only great use, though. They also make travel much faster thanks to their quick movement on ice.

Players can make ice pathways for traveling fast and efficiently via boat. This too will require some construction that may be time consuming, but a boat on ice is one of the fastest methods of transportation in Minecraft, so players might find the effort to be worthwhile.

1) Elytra

The coveted elytra is one of the best items in all of Minecraft. Not only will an elytra allow players to fly around similarly to being in creative mode, it will also provide a quick and easy method of travel.

With an elytra, one can travel far distances in mere seconds. This way of transit is best for those who wish to explore new areas on Minecraft worlds, as the view from high in the sky will allow amazing, wide visuals of world generation.

Traveling in Minecraft can get tedious and frustrating. However, with the alternatives listed above, players can simplify their journeys across the game'smvast lands.

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