5 great builds for Minecraft Survival mode

A newly created survival world (Image via Minecraft)
A newly created survival world (Image via Minecraft)
Jacob Burkett

Minecraft is a game characterized by several types of players. There are builders who care only about making the coolest things, and survival players who only care about playing the game’s Survival mode and beating bosses, basically achieving things in this limited health format.

Players who focus on survival play can sometimes run out of ideas or inspiration to continue with a world once the bosses have been beaten. However, by combining the need for survival worlds with the potential of creative mode builds, players can have their worlds going on and keep constructing new and unique builds.

5 builds that Minecraft Survival players need to have

1) Nether hub

An example of a decorated Minecraft Nether hub (Image via Reddit)
An example of a decorated Minecraft Nether hub (Image via Reddit)

Player’s who need to expand the total distance they explore in the world will find themselves quickly needing to set up a Nether hub. These builds use pathways carved into the top of the Nether, filled with ice that players can traverse very quickly with boats.

Since every block a player moves in the Nether is eight blocks in the Overworld, players can use such hubs to travel tens of thousands of blocks, if not more, in very little time. Due to the rarity of some of Minecraft’s biomes or generated structures, this use of the Nether becomes more and more important as players spend more time in their worlds.

2) Automated storage system


An automated storage system will take any player’s base to the next level of convenience and functionality. These systems will take any items the players give it, and using a series of hoppers and water-based item movers, sort it into the correct chest as set earlier by players.

While such systems are quite complex for new redstone engineers, there are numerous video guides and tutorials that players can follow so they can learn how the systems work. This construction will work as a great way to learn various redstone concepts that can be confusing to players.

3) Villager trading hall


Villager trading is one of the most powerful things players have access to in the base game. Taking advantage of this system can grant players unlimited access to food, diamonds, and almost every enchanting books players could ever need.

This also gives players something to do with all the crops that players will inevitably end up with due to the sheer efficiency of the different automated crop farms. This means players can convert these crops into emeralds to facilitate other trades and free up a lot of storage space as well.

4) Industrial zone


These builds are what make nearly everything else a player does possible. These zones are, as the name implies, where players center their builds for automated farms. This works in keeping the farms contained to one area as they can often be visually unappealing.

Highly automated farms can also result in a lot of lag and slowdown due to all the growth checks or redstone functioning. This means keeping them confined in one area means that the rest of the world should be free of any slowdown due to the farms.

5) Mega base


The mega base is what all players should strive for in their survival worlds. The bases are called mega for a reason, as they often take thousands of blocks to make and will appear much larger than anything else in the world outside of generated mountain ranges.

While these bases are large projects that can take weeks, if not longer, to finish, they are the magnum opus for survival worlds. They often signify a total control and mastery of the wilderness, and a surpassing of Minecraft's resource scarcity.

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