5 most influential Minecraft YouTubers in the world (2022)

The cast of Dream SMP, the largest SMP of all time (Image by Redcoded_art)
The cast of Dream SMP, the largest SMP of all time (Image by Redcoded_art)

Minecraft has a long and storied history of content creators online. From the early days of creators like CaptainSparklez, UberHaxorNova, and Yogscast Lewis and Simon to the more relatively newer players like DanTDM, JeromeASF, everyone has contributed to the popularity of the game. These creators have also created fun servers such as HermitCraft, DreamSMP, and many more.

With Minecraft being in the limelight for so long, it is incredibly important to give credit to those who have shaped the online culture surrounding the game. Below are five of the most important players that Minecraft has had for its entire lifespan, as of 2022.

5 of the most important Minecraft players of all time

5) Ph1Lza


Phil is a YouTuber with more than three million subscribers as of July 2022. He first launched into internet fame after an unfortunate series of events led to his death in a Hardcore Survival world that he had been playing for more than five years. This is the longest confirmed hardcore world run in the history of the game.

Ph1LzA is also an incredible player in terms of PvP abilities and has been a member of important SMPs such as the DreamSMP and Origins SMP.

4) MumboJumbo


The term 'scientific communicator' is often used by the online scientific community. Scientific communicators are people who have a decent knowledge of the sciences and specialize in teaching scientific principles to others in an easy way.

MumboJumbo, a YouTuber with 8.48 million subscribers, is the equivalent of a scientific communicator for the redstone community. While he might not be the best redstone engineer out there, he is able to teach redstone in a way that is easy to digest and understand.

He is also a member of the HermitCraft server, a wildly popular SMP featuring many of the community's popular personalities.

3) CaptainSparklez


CaptainSparklez, also known as Jordan Maron, is an American YouTuber with more than 11.3 million subscribers. Jordan is probably best known for his wildly popular parody songs, which include Revenge, TNT, Fallen Kingdom, and Take Back the Night, which have 275 million, 115 million, 147 million, and 144 million views, respectively.

These videos inarguably shaped the online culture surrounding the game at the time and continue to do so to this day. He has also made appearances in popular SMP series, such as CallMeCarson’s SMP Live and continues to make Minecraft-related content to this day.

2) Ilmango


If MumboJumbo is the equivalent of a science communicator, then Ilmango is the scientist making the new discoveries. Ilmango is part of the SciCraft community that is known for pushing the internal code of the game to its absolute limits and discovering things that make the farms and automated systems used by the rest of the community possible.

Ilmango, a YouTuber with 792 thousand subscribers, is probably the best-known member of the SciCraft community, and his videos are incredibly informative and guide others on how to make incredibly efficient farms while explaining why the farms work the way they do.

1) Dream


Dream is by far the most popular Minecraft YouTuber, with more than 29.6 million subscribers. Despite a few controversies around his speedrunning, his videos inarguably pushed speedruns of the game into the limelight and have contributed to the game being the most speedrun game in recent times.

His videos often pull in tens of millions of views, and he created the most popular SMP of all time, the aptly named Dream SMP, which features many of the game’s best-known content creators.

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