Hermitcraft Season 8: List of members, Minecraft builds, datapacks, and more

Hermitcraft Season 8 (Image via u/sycon-senti on Reddit)
Hermitcraft Season 8 (Image via u/sycon-senti on Reddit)

In the history of Minecraft, there have been many popular SMP servers, but nothing beats the fame of Hermitcraft. Hermitcraft has existed since the official Minecraft release.

Hermitcraft is a private whitelisted server featuring many of the most popular and oldest Minecraft content creators. Generikb created it in April 2012. It's been many years since Generikb left the server, and the server's administration has been passed to Xisumavoid.

Hermitcraft is currently in its eighth season. Hermitcraft Season 7 ended on June 12, 2021, and after a week, Season 8 began on June 19, 2021, on version 1.17.

Minecraft server Hermitcraft Season 8

List of members


Hermitcraft is home to some of the oldest and best Minecraft YouTubers. Season 8 features all the members who participated in the last season. Along with them, two new members have also joined Hermitcraft this season: GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon.

Both GeminiTay and PearlscentMoon are known for their beautiful builds. Hermitcraft members and fans are excited to have them on the server. Here is the complete list of members in Season 8:

  1. Bdouble0100
  2. Cubfan135
  3. Docm77
  4. EthosLab
  5. FalseSymmetry
  6. GeminiTay
  7. GoodTimesWithScar
  8. Grian
  9. Hypnotizd
  10. iJevin
  11. ImpulseSV
  12. Iskall85
  13. JoeHills
  14. Keralis
  15. MumboJumbo
  16. PearlscentMoon
  17. Rendog
  18. StressMonser101
  19. TangoTek
  20. TinFoilChef
  21. VintageBeef
  22. Welsknight
  23. xBCrafted
  24. XisumaVoid
  25. ZedaphPlays
  26. ZombieCleo



Hermitcraft is a vanilla server, but for a better experience, hermits prefer to use datapacks and a few mods. The server has client-side mods for improved performance and Simple Voice Chat mod for communication.

In Hermitcraft Season 8, all datapacks used are created by Vanilla Tweaks. Fans can download these datapacks from Here is the list of datapacks used in the current season:

  • AFK Display
  • Track Raw Statistics
  • Track Statistics
  • Customizable Armor Stands
  • Silence Mobs
  • Durability Ping
  • No Enderman Grief
  • Nether Portal Co-ordinates
  • Coordinates HUD
  • Multiplayer Sleep
  • More Mob Heads
  • Player Head Drops
  • Wandering Trader Mini Blocks

Minecraft builds


While Hermitcraft Season 8 started less than two months ago, hermits have already made a lot of progress with their projects so far. At the start of Season 8, hermits formed groups with each other except a few.

Now that it has been weeks since the season started, some hermits have begun building their mega builds. GeminiTay, one of the new members, had one of the most beautiful starter bases. Her megabase is a castle with a giant deer statue surrounded by charming greenery.


Cubfan136 has created a mega canyon filled with pointed dripstones. Due to these pointed dripstones, Grian and GeminiTay had to spend pretty long time during the final day of Tegg game.

Members at Boatem Town are coming together to create a community mega build project. ImpulseSV is building a massive factory, while Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, and PearlscentMoon are creating huge mountains with bases inside. Other hermits will also be making their Minecraft megabases soon in the coming weeks.

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