5 interesting facts about new mountains in Minecraft 1.18 update

)Minecraft 1.18 update (Image via Twitter/Minecraft&Chill)
)Minecraft 1.18 update (Image via Twitter/Minecraft&Chill)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

On November 30, 2021, Mojang fully released their ambitious Minecraft 1.18 update. The second part of Caves and Cliffs has tweaked the entire Overworld generation and changed it forever.

Mojang advertised caves more than mountains for Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part II. However, the caves only received two biomes, while Mojang added six sub-mountain biomes in the 1.18 update.

Mountains have become much more realistic than ever in this update. Players will find many fascinating features in Minecraft's new mountains.

Mountains in Minecraft 1.18 update are filled with exciting features

5) Pillager outposts

@kingbdogz Here's a really cool pillager outpost I found :D

Illagers, or evil villagers, have conquered all the extreme terrains in the Overworld, including newly added mountains. Players can discover pillager outposts in all six sub-mountain biomes added in Minecraft 1.18.

Pillager outposts are tall structures near which players can find hordes of pillagers spawning quickly. Players will first have to locate a pillager outpost in Minecraft to build a raid farm. Exploring new mountains can lead to finding some pillager outposts.

4) Sound of Music


In the beautiful meadows of Minecraft 1.18 update, players can complete a peaceful and easy achievement called Sound of Music. Players will have to play a music disc on a jukebox in the meadow biome to get this achievement.

Players can play any disc to get this achievement in Minecraft 1.18 update. But the biome must be meadows.

3) Trees in meadows always have bee nests

Meadows (Image via Minecraft)
Meadows (Image via Minecraft)

Meadows do not share many similarities with other mountains in Minecraft. These are just elevated and look like a mixture of badland plateaus and plains biomes.

Players will rarely find oak or birch trees in meadows. Oak and birch trees always have a bee nest attached to them in meadows. Players having difficulty finding bees can explore meadows to see these adorable creatures in Minecraft 1.18 update.

2) No animals spawn in stony peaks

Stony peaks (Image via Minecraft)
Stony peaks (Image via Minecraft)

Stony peaks are one of the three tallest biomes in Minecraft. Tall mountains that generate near warm biomes like badlands turn into stony peaks. An interesting fact about stony peaks is that no animals spawn in this biome.

Stony peaks are a new source of calcite blocks in Minecraft 1.18 update. Players can also find exposed coal, emerald, and iron ores in stony peaks.

1) Iron ores are very common at the top of the mountains

hey minecraft lovers what we thinking of the new iron ore texture

At this point, almost everybody knows that emerald ores are common at mountain peaks. However, players may not know that iron ores are more frequent than emerald ores in the mountains.

And here is the updated and finalized ore distribution chart for 1.18.

In the entire Overworld, iron ores are now most common around Y 232. Players can find exposed iron ores just by exploring mountain peaks.

Minecraft 1.18 update has been out for a few days now. Players can dive into a 1.18 world to experience the beautiful terrain and find interesting features.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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