5 Minecraft mobs that should be updated

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Minecraft wouldn’t be what it is without the creatures that roam around every generated world.

There are so many mobs in Minecraft, each with its own properties and functions within the game. Some can do lots of amazing things, while others could possibly leave a lot to be desired.

With every Minecraft update, new elements are added to enhance player experience. Sometimes, previously instated facets get revamped to enhance their influence. The Minecraft community is often vocal about what they believe should be upgraded as a collective, and mob functionality tends to be one of them.

Considering how dynamic some of the Minecraft mobs are, here are some that could potentially be made even better in future updates.

Mobs in Minecraft that should be updated in the future


5) Wolf

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

One of the most prominent fan-suggested features is the addition of better pet functions in Minecraft. The tamed wolf is the closest thing a player can get to a pet dog in the game, and many adore having these lovable mobs as pets. So, a dynamic upgrade to the wolf mob would be a great addition.

An upgrade could potentially include the ability to play fetch with tamed wolves by throwing sticks or bones. Many players also wish for interactive features involving their pet wolves.

In addition to all this, wolves only come in one color: white. This aspect of the mob is notably interesting for a few different reasons. First, real life wolves can come in various colors.

Second, the adjacent cat mob can come in a wide variety of color variations, unlike their canine counterparts. An upgrade to the wolf's design alongside the implementation of new features would be great for the game.

4) Bat

Image via PCgamesN
Image via PCgamesN

Bats are among the most useless Minecraft mobs, which is why they deserve an update in the future. Currently, its only use in Minecraft is to help players detect nearby caves. If they can hear a bat squeak, that means they are likely just blocks away from a cave.

Apart from that, a Minecraft bat does virtually nothing in the game. Bats are passive mobs, so they do not deter the player from advancing like other mobs do. When killed, bats do not drop anything - not even XP. Players can’t even attach a lead to a bat to have it fly around with them for fun.

For these reasons, it would be interesting to see bats have some use in future Minecraft updates. Perhaps through the implementation of sonar vision, they could lead players to ores in caves.

3) Llamas

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Llamas are already dynamic mobs, but one could argue there are ways to make them even better. Currently, Minecraft llamas are able to be tamed, bred, and even mounted by players, but they cannot be ridden in the same way horses can, for example.

While a player can sit on top of a llama and even use the mob for extra inventory storage, it cannot be manually moved towards any direction. Llamas can be moved using a lead, but that is not nearly as exciting.

It seems like a missed opportunity for Minecraft to not include the ability to ride these mobs. Perhaps in future updates, llamas might finally join the category of rideable Minecraft mobs.

2) Snow golem

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The Minecraft snow golem is definitely interesting, but it could use some reworking. Snow golems can be created manually by the player to help defend themselves against hostile mobs. In theory, this sounds like a great idea but in practice, these mobs leave a lot to be desired.

This mob’s main purpose is defense, and yet its attack is quite weak, especially in comparison to its counterpart, the iron golem. Snow golems only throw snowballs which do not inflict damage on most mobs. Instead, it just pushes them a few blocks away.

It would be extremely interesting to see snow golems get overhauled in future Minecraft updates. New features could help enhance their overall power and usage.

1) Axolotl

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Although axolotls were just recently introduced into the game, they have already become a fan favorite among the Minecraft community. Nearly every player finds these water mobs absolutely adorable, and with the many color variations, it’s hard to resist the temptation to keep axolotls as pets.

The issue is, axolotls cannot be tamed. They can be collected in buckets, kept in built enclosures, and even named with name tags, but they cannot technically belong to any given player.

Despite being a recent addition, most Minecraft players would love to have the ability to pet axolotls. This feature will be a welcome addition to future updates.

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